How to make an engraving?

The engraving, which will be a good decoration of the interior, can be made at home. The easiest way to create prints will master even a child.

The easiest engraving

The easiest way to do engraving at home on paper. At the same time, of course, thin paper will not work. Need a thick cardboard (not corrugated) or drawing paper. As a tool for this, you can use a stationery knife or a regular needle and a hard roller. The future image is cut (or scratched) on cardboard. From scratches on a cardboard form the paint will not fall on the print. This type of engraving is called letterpress engraving.

Next, you need to roll out on paper (on another sheet) paint with a roller. To create an engraving you need to take paint, which dries out for quite a long time. After that, the paint from the paper is transferred to the cardboard form. Now a sheet of paper is taken, superimposed over the form and covered with a press (when an engraving is done with your own hands, a sheet of plywood is perfectly suitable as a press). Then you need a few times, making an effort, walk roller on the press.The print on paper is your engraving.

"Real" engraving

A more interesting and more complex way is woodcutting. Any wooden board is not suitable for this, and making your own is a long and laborious process (we are talking about cutting logs, drying them for weeks, etc.). Therefore, it is best to purchase boards in an art store.

Before you make a woodcut, you need to stock up on a set of special tools - shtiheley. These are steel cutters with a comfortable wooden handle. They have a different section shape and thickness. So, thin-cutted cut out a line, the thickness of which corresponds to the size of their sting (preferably you should have 5-6 of such shtiheli with a thickness of 0.1 - 1.0 mm on hand.). Grabstiheli leave a line whose width depends on the force of pressure. Boltshtikheli are used to remove fairly large areas of the surface of the board (which on the print will correspond to unfilled places). The widest places are removed ordinary carpentry chisel.

Picture formation

Picture engravings are first drawn on tracing paper or paper with a soft pencil. Then the drawing is applied to the board and grinds.Thus, the pencil is transferred to the tree. After that, with the help of chisels and chisels, the picture itself is cut. In this case, the image on the print will be transferred also by letterpress printing, that is, it is necessary to cut out those places that will be white on the print. Intaglio printing, in which the paint is transferred not from the surface of the board, but from the cut out recesses, is used for engravings on steel.

The board is placed on a leather (or other dense material) pillow filled with sand, which lies on the desktop (such a pillow is not difficult to make). The fact is that the board will often have to turn and change the corner of its inclination (shtichel is always pushed away from himself). The surface of such a pillow is great for these manipulations. After finishing the board and having a finished form, you can begin to make prints on paper, using a roller for applying paint on the board.