How to make a video camera?

If you are interested in learning how to make a video camera, which will be a video surveillance system, then you need to have a smartphone that runs on the Symbian operating system, as well as be able to use some programs. Considering that there are several versions of the Symbian operating system, before downloading software to your smartphone, you need to know which operating system version is installed on your smartphone.

Install Python Interpreter

To begin with, you should download the program to your Symbian-smartphone. Python is an interpreter of the programming language, which is necessary for the subsequent conversion of a smartphone into a video camera. This program can be found on this resource or the one that you usually use to download various programs. The archive you downloaded will contain a SISX or SIS file that you need to extract from it in order to later place the folder Others in the memory card folder. Using the file manager of your mobile device.Go to the above folder and run the unzipped file, after which the installation will be started in automatic mode. During installation, the program will ask you some questions - answer all questions only in the affirmative. The place of installation of the file will be the memory card that you choose in the next question.

Install Python Script

Before you make a video camera with your own hands, using a used smartphone, you need to download the PySpy archive - it contains a Python script. You can find this archive on After downloading the archive, feel free to extract the file with the extension * .py and place it in a folder that the interpreter uses to store the examples (the folder name may differ depending on the version of the operating system). Run the previously uploaded interpreter and invoke the Python script. The probability is high when calling the error script - this is normal, so you should not worry, but you should call it again. When you restart, as a rule, errors do not occur.

The program menu opens in which you need to configure specific parameters. If you want to use the local option to save images, then enable this option.The program will ask you a question about where you want to store pictures - choose only the memory card, and not the memory of the smartphone itself. The menu will offer several methods of notification of motion detection in the room where your homemade camera will be installed. You need to choose a method, and depending on the chosen method, specify a mobile phone number or your email address. So you can choose:

  • dialing;
  • sending SMS or sending MMS;
  • sending a message by email.


You already almost know how to make a video camera from a phone, only some details remain - it is necessary to choose the right place in the room where you installed your once smartphone, and at the moment, a self-made camera. Attention! The place for installation must be chosen in such a way that the device is constantly on charge. Secure the device, preferably in such a way that no one would find it, and at the same time, could not steal it. As a rule, home-made surveillance cameras are used at home, so you should not hang a warning sign that video surveillance is in the room.

Check the correct operation of the device - your body movements should be recorded by a video camera, after which the device will notify you in the way you have chosen. One detail - the memory card should be periodically checked, if you have chosen to save images locally. This is necessary in order to free the card from obsolete images. If any of the pictures seemed suspicious to you, then make backup copies of them.

How to make a webcam

Before you make a webcam, check your digital camera for webcam mode. Then connect the camera to the computer via the USB port. The camera will not become a webcam if you do not use a special application that can be downloaded on the Internet. A webcam can be made from a smartphone. For example, to convert a smartphone to Android OS, you need to use the DroidCam Wireless Webcam program, which is installed on the smartphone. It will independently perform all the settings, so you do not even have to configure your mobile device. Similar programs are created for other operating systems.

Hidden and underwater video camera

Before you make a hidden video camera, you should remember that the current Russian legislation prohibits making hidden video filming, except in some cases. Therefore, if you want to watch someone in your house, then use the recommendations given at the beginning of our article - they concern the manufacture of a surveillance camera from a smartphone. Mobile device can be hidden in a secluded corner, both in the nursery and in the bedroom. In principle, many Russians use hidden cctv cameras to check their nannies or some family members.

Please note that you can make an underwater video camera from a regular webcam, so you should have this device in place before you make your own underwater video camera. If in a nutshell, the tightness of a homemade underwater video camera is impossible. Please note that it must be fully compatible with the operating system of the netbook, which you will use to view videos shot by a webcam under water. Connecting the camera to the netbook is necessary through a five-meter USB extension cable. Do not allow water to enter the netbook, which will be located on the beach.In the place where the plug of the webcam is connected to the extension socket, you must wrap the electrical tape tightly.

The extender also requires some work. Next to the plug that connects to the netbook, break the wire - this is the wire that is responsible for the voltage. In the gap, install a fuse 0.25A, protecting the netbook from short circuit. All the above steps are performed when the extension from the netbook is disconnected. After installing the fuse, wrap several layers of electrical tape around its location.