How to make a spoon?

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How to make a spoon?

Modern stores for hunters and fishermen offer an abundance of all kinds of spinners: plastic and foam fish, metal wobblers and mormyshk. However, to make a spoon that will qualitatively fulfill its main purpose - to attract the attention of fish - possibly with your own hands. At the same time, it can work as well as expensive shopping gear.

The main task of any bait is to imitate the appearance and behavior of a living organism, which this or that fish eats. Therefore, when making a spoon, it is necessary to consider the type of fish it will be used for.

How to make spoon spoon

The simplest bait - spinner-swayer. It can be easily made from aluminum or steel tablespoon. Most amateur anglers agree that this is not the best bait for fishing, however, losing such a lure will not be a pity.

You will need:

  • a spoon;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill with drill.

To make a spoon, follow these steps:

  1. Saw off the handle of the spoon, gently bend it about one third of the end.
  2. Using a saw, make shallow cuts on the curved surface of the future spinner. They are needed to spinners better reflected light under water.
  3. Drill two holes at the edges of the spinner.
  4. Tie the bait tight to the fishing line.

How to make a spinner spinner

Unlike other fishing baits, the pinwheel does not look like a fish feed object. The effectiveness of such a lure is explained either by the characteristic sounds made by the turntable, or just by the unusual appearance. Externally, the spinner-bait has nothing to do with a paper windmill, the manufacture of which is described in our article - How to make a spinner. The name of this bait is connected with the fact that it is attached to the fishing line with only one edge, which means it will turn in the water.

Pinwheels are usually in the form of a drop or diamond.

To make such a bait you need:

  1. Take a plate of copper, nickel silver or brass.
  2. Cut a blank drop-shaped or diamond-shaped.
  3. A ball from a large bearing in a piece of lead to make a recess.
  4. Place the workpiece in the recess and press the ball down so that the spoon will acquire a spherical surface.
  5. Use a hammer to tap a little turntable, making the workpiece flatter.Leave only a slight concavity.
  6. Polish the spoon, drill a hole and tie the turntable to the fishing line.

How to make a spoon-wobbler

A wobbler is a bait for predatory fish. Pike and perch catch well on it. Such spinners are usually attached to spinning rods. For the manufacture of spinners use wood, plastic or solid foam. Having decided to make a wooden wobbler, choose a dense, easily processed wood. Perfect beech, apple, walnut or linden.

Here's what you need to make a wobbler:

  • a bar of wood;
  • hacksaw for wood;
  • a piece of hard plastic:
  • sharp knife;
  • vice;
  • glue;
  • wire loops
  • sandpaper;
  • drill with a drill on 6;
  • paint (you can watercolor);
  • varnish

Manufacturing instructions:

  1. Cut a piece of about 9 cm from the bar, grind it to a tetrahedron.
  2. On one of the faces, draw the shape of a fish (instead of a piece you can take a purchased wobbler).
  3. Cut out the painted bait with a sharp knife, give it a rounded shape, carefully treat the roughness with a small skin.
  4. In place of the �fish� mouth, it is necessary to make a deep, strictly horizontal cut (a plastic blade will be inserted into it).Be careful: if the blade is crookedly glued in, the wobbler during throwing will enter the corkscrew and this flaw can be corrected only by changing the blade.
  5. Clamp the workpiece in the vice "belly" up and make along the wobbler deep cut. It is more convenient to cut deeply from the side of the �head� and �tail�, and then align the groove in the middle.
  6. Cut out an oval-shaped plastic with a hacksaw, heat the blade blank over the fire and gently bend it in half.
  7. Sandpaper the groove under the blade.
  8. Glue the blade into the groove.
  9. It remains to brightly paint the fish and glue three loops, for which the wobbler is tied to the fishing line.

You can also make a spoon-mormyshku.