How to make a reflection in Photoshop (Photoshop)?

Photoshop is a relatively simple program that even allows beginners to process all sorts of images. The effects that can be achieved can be simply amazing!

How to make a reflection in Photoshop? Consider this process in stages. First, of course, you need to turn on the computer with Photoshop installed and decide which image and how you will convert it (reflect in water or a mirror and what reflection you want to receive: vertical or horizontal, etc.).

So, we decided on the purpose and objectives. Now let's start:

  • open the program and load the selected image there (File -Open .... File- Open)
  • It is better to cut an object that will reflect from the general background.
  • Fill the background with black color (Backgraund)
  • Duplicate the layer with your drawing (Copy). All of this happens in the Layer-Layer Tab.
  • To reverse to create a reflection, we will be the topmost layer that was previously copied
  • Further in the main menu, open the Edit-Transform-Flip Vertical tab (Edit-Transform-Flip Vertical)
  • arrange the image and its reflection, obtained in the previous paragraph, under each other, so that their edges adjoined
  • let's give the previously obtained result of greater realism, create a mask of this layer (Add Layer Mask)
  • Using the Gradietn tool (Gradient) dim the part of the reflection (select the gradient from black to transparent and draw on the mask from the bottom up). In this part of the layer will not be visible.
  • To give even more realism to your picture, you can reduce the opacity to about 75%.
  • Now you can admire the resulting realistic reflection.

Similarly, you can create and flip horizontally (Edit-Transform-Flip Horizontal, i.e. Edit-Transform-Flip Horizontal). Otherwise, the algorithm is similar to that described above.

How to make a mirror image in Photoshop? It can be done guided by the principle already described. You can also perform and reflect your image in the water, for example, it is interesting to beat a photo where the sky is present. To do this, you also need to open your photo in this program, and then consider a small algorithm:

  • as already described above, you need to copy the object or select the part of the image,to which this effect will be applied later. To select an area, you can use the tool rectangle marquee-rectangular selection.
  • Next, we make a reflection of the image, as described above, and mix its copy below (right below the original).
  • Then use Filter-Distort - Ocean Ripple (Filter-Distortion). When working, we check that the copy layer is active.
  • Let's continue the work: Filter - Blur - Motion Blur (Filter-Blur-Blur in motion). In this case, you need to select settings, for example, Angle (Angle) 90 degrees., Distance (Distance) - specify the number of pixels.

For greater realism, you can also blur the line between the image and its reflection, conjure with lighting, etc. It all depends on your goals and objectives.

Now you can admire the beautiful result!