How to make a pond?

For those who like a good rest outside the city, it is not a secret that in order for their summer cottage to look luxurious it is necessary to spend a lot of energy. Decorative decoration of the court garden or recreation area has become more popular than just the erection of various kinds of crops and plantings. Often in our days, driving past private houses, we see all sorts of design innovations. Some of them are purchased and are extremely expensive. However, now with the appearance of all the necessary materials on the shelves of stores, you can independently realize all your creative ideas. The most common methods are facing the house with decorative materials, building unusual fences, using non-standard objects under flowerbeds, making statues from scrap materials, as well as mounting on the site of a decorative pond. Let's look at how to make a pond with your own hands.

To answer the question of how to make a decorative pond, there are many solutions from the most expensive to the cheapest.Consider some of the options for creating an artificial pond on your site.

New pond, old bath

The cheapest and most practical way, as you will get rid of the unnecessary old bath, and at the same time create a stunning look for your site.

How to make a pond? In order to make a decorative pond, you need an old bath, enamel to cover any color you like (we recommend taking light blue or turquoise), a bag or two 50 kg of cement, sand, stones and, if you wish, you can additionally buy in the garden shop decorative ornaments (vases, columns, statues). First you need to dig a hole in which you will place the bath. It is important to put a bath on the supporting objects in order to properly drain the water. Around you can make a curved relief and dig it. In order for the cement base to �grab� and stand for a long time, it is necessary to fill the pit with sand, ram it, then lay a layer of gravel, or you can use stone debris with metal fittings (old cans, glass, nails, rusty parts). Now, using a 3: 1 proportion of sand and cement, we pour the pre-fenced formwork and place stones in a chaotic manner into the cement to look natural and beautiful.Give the concrete to harden and paint the bath. You can later equip beautiful flowerbeds around it and put artificial water lilies into the pond. So, you learned how to make a pond out of the bath.

Bought and no problem

It happens that due to the fact that unwanted guests may be operating on your site or you simply do not need a built-in pond. In this case, you can buy ready-made ponds of plastic or fiberglass, which simply fall into a small depression in the ground. How to make a pond in the country? In order for the pond to look like a real one, it should be lined with pebbles and flower pots. This type of pond is durable, does not fade in the sun. Another advantage will be its compactness - if desired, it can be positioned and carried around the whole site, or, for example, it can be removed for the winter time. So you can easily decide how to make an artificial pond without unnecessary trouble.

The bigger the pond the better

If you want to make a pond as large as possible, then PVC films will help you with this. One of the advantages will be that you yourself can choose the shape of the pond. It will look more exotic and beautiful. Connect such a film with a special glue.It is durable and wear-resistant, even for the period of winter. For this type of pond it is not necessary that the dug pit was with sharp cliffs. Rather, the pit should resemble a deep dent with a gradually increasing depth. By the way, when creating such a pond, you can place plants in it that live at different depths. Intrigued? About exactly what plants you can put there, read below.

And the pond, and the house

Of course, a pond in the form of a house should not be taken literally. Just in one of the constructive solutions, we consider the case where we answer the question of how to make a pond for fish. In order for fish to feel comfortable in your pond, you must comply with certain conditions, for example:

  • An average of 15 centimeters of fish accounts for 50 liters of water. This is for her to have her personal space.
  • There is a significant difference in habitat. Fish such as tench, crucian carp live on the bottom, so if you want to see fish, it is better to have goldfish or koi fish.
  • And the most important thing for fish to live in your pond is to install a filter for water purification and for enriching it with oxygen.

Plants also contribute to oxygenation and in order to decide which plants you will put in the pond, it is necessary to determine the conditions for their placement:

  • Up to 35 cm. Such plants as marsh marigold, yellow iris, marsh calla and ivolist curl can be located.
  • 35-55 cm. - broad-leaved cattail, common tail and lake reed, they will be able to comfortably take their place in your pond.
  • 55 cm. And more - this depth is best suited for the beloved water lily, as well as for water hyacinth, aloe aloe and water lettuce.

It should not be forgotten that if you place fish or plants in your ornamental pond, then taking care of them will require responsibility from you. Water will need to be periodically changed and cleaned the bath from the formed thick sludge. By the way, sludge can later become a good fertilizer for the garden.

Now everything is in your hands! Decorate and upgrade your sites. Let your friends and acquaintances, looking to visit you, enjoy and rejoice in your ideas. And on a quiet summer evening you can relax next to your self-made pond.Have a good mood and more creative ideas, you will succeed!