How to make a patch?

Sometimes favorite things become worthless: a stain, a random hole, a trail from an iron, and so on. Do not be upset if the thing is so much for you, try to reanimate it with a patch. Approach this issue creatively, and you can easily turn a flaw into an unusual decorative element.

Making the original patch

How to make a patch original, not everyone knows. First you need to choose the material for the patch. Before this, decide whether you want it to be invisible or stand out as a separate element. In accordance with this and pick up the material. Always look advantageous patchwork of satin, fur, jeans and leather. If you have decided on the material, now stop and select the form. Try on paper, cut out several shapes: hearts, flowers, prints of arms and legs, well, everything that you have in the head, attach to the damaged place on the fabric and choose the most suitable. Now cut the patch according to the template, do not forget to leave an allowance, if you need one, and if not, then sweep over the edges.After that, put it on the flaw on the front side, and carefully sew it with large stitches. Then use machine stitch or use manual stitching. Edge the holes on the fabric on the back side of the patch to the patch. Remove all unnecessary threads, steam or iron the repaired place.

This patch can be made even more beautiful, but you need to know how to make a beautiful patch? Take the beads, embroidery, thread and glue. Before you start decorating, read the instructions of the glue so that it would not damage the fabric any more. Now think about what you would like to see on your thing: a bright flower, maybe a dandelion, an abstraction or some kind of animal. First, lay out the pattern on the patch to see how it will look, now apply glue on the necessary details, and sew those that are sewn on. Now your thing not only returned to you safe and sound, but also gained a new zest.

We make a patch on the jacket

It often happens that a jacket needs a patch. This is a very expensive thing, especially if it is leather. Do not worry and you can save it, the main thing is to know how to make a patch on the jacket.To begin with, where the jacket is torn, prop up the lining. If the jacket is insulated, remove the insulation, about 2 cm in circumference around the torn place. Gently, with a needle or a toothpick on the wrong side, grease the torn edges. Make sure that the glue does not come out on the front side and wait a little, the glue should dry out. At this time, prepare a patch. In form, it should closely resemble the gap. Now spread the glue on the inside of the flaw, then apply the glue on the patch and wait a bit. Put the patch in a ragged place and lightly tap on it with a hammer. If the seam is visible, tint it with paint. Sew the lining, your jacket is ready.

We make a patch on jeans

In life, rarely, something can be foreseen, unexpected situations happen to everyone. Just wore new jeans, especially for a child, and he fell and a hole. How to make a patch on jeans, so that they would look no worse than before, a frequently asked question for every mother. If your child has managed to tear the jeans on his knee, it is best to sew leather patches there. Just do it on both knees at the same time. Now it is very fashionable jeans with knee pads and sweaters with elbow pads.Well, and if, jeans have torn at the girl, take application: flowers hearts, butterflies, the blessing them now in shops for every taste and color. Just also do not forget about symmetry and decoration, it will turn out very beautiful and no one will notice the defect.

The same answer to the question of how to make a patch on the pants. If this is men's or women's jeans, use leather or the most similar fabric, you can try an experiment with different types of fabric, then jeans will acquire the style of "casual".