How to make a million without giving?

What kind of questions do people not ask on the Internet! When I started typing the query “how to make a million,” Google gave a few hints, two of which I especially remembered. The first one was: how to make a million not ass? Other places were not mentioned there because of censorship, but it is completely clear what they meant. The second hint was no less fun: how to make a million without giving up? We will try to help such moralists and tell you what are the ways to make big money without any damage to your reputation.

How to make a million without letting anyone

According to the results of hints, people really want to earn a million rubles or even euros or dollars, and many want to earn it in a day, sometimes in a month, the most patient are willing to spend a year on it. But while eager easy money do not want to use some very affordable ways to generate income, which, however, is not too approved by society.Here there is one more thing: such methods are unlikely to bring a million, because such money will pay for sex except to some kind of “star”, if for some reason she agrees. Well, now let's move on to real stories, when people were able to enrich themselves with great ideas that came to their mind.

How to make a million not ass

Probably, some of you heard about one story when a person earned a million dollars on the site. One American student made a site with an interesting table on the main page. This table consisted of a million pixels. And he invited everyone to buy out the pixels - at a price of $ 1 per pixel. And there were those who wished, and so much so that he sold all the pixels. The result of the sentence that made him a millionaire, you can find.

Of course, then similar pages began to be created all over the world, many of which were highly successful. Is it possible to earn a million in a day? As it turned out, yes. And it may even take less than a day. One American, whose name is John Reese, earned even more on the Internet, and in just 3/4 days, that is, in 18 hours.For this, he attracted partners who received 50% from each sale, and before that he sent free recommendations and advice to subscribers.

Other interesting ideas

Also, the whole world has spread around the story of a single American couple who opened a company that has become involved in cosmetic services. It would seem: what's so unusual? But the fact is that these cosmetic services began to target ... for animals. And among their clients were famous and rich people, more precisely - their pets, to which employees of the company come directly to the house. The company provides a full range of services: from cleaning tartar and plaque and ending with the laying of wool and even training. Also, services include "manicure" and "pedicure" - where do without them? But that's not all. On the birthday of your pet, you can order a real theatrical performance with various treats and other entertainment. Moreover, these services are not cheap, and at the same time the queue is occupied for several months in advance. It is not difficult to guess that the organizers of this business have long earned a million dollars, and not one.Nonsense, you say? I agree, but believe in the fact that with human stupidity you can earn a lot of money and at the same time it is completely legal. If people have money and they are ready to pay, why not arrange something for which they will pay? Well, a few more ideas that people managed to make good money.

Pleasant trifles"

Would you like to drink coffee, knowing its temperature, so as not to get burned? And this is real with a lid-thermometer that changes its color depending on the current temperature of the coffee. When the coffee is hot, the lid is red, and when it cools it turns brown. Such covers came to the taste not only of coffee buyers, but also the owners of many restaurants. But this is not all - the patent holder has been called and written by advertisers who have offered to put advertisements on the covers, which will begin to manifest as the coffee cools. And I must say that now the patent owner earns several million dollars a year. And one manufacturer of toothbrushes found that it would be more interesting for children to brush their teeth if they stick blinking lights on the brush - sales grew tenfold and he became a millionaire.An interesting way to make money found David Reynolds. And he would hardly have become a millionaire, but once, to his misfortune (or happiness?), He broke his arm. As it turned out, with a broken arm it was difficult not only to work, but even to wash, because the water kept drenching the gypsum, and this is very harmful. As a result, he invented a special waterproof sleeve, which now brings him more than $ 2 million a year. And Australian Shelley Barrett opened a company that began to produce a device for curling eyelashes. Moreover, the device is powered by batteries. But this was only the beginning: then a blush-spray appeared, and by now the company has already produced about 100 types of various goods. And finally, another story about how to earn a million without giving.

Million on cats

The owners of one small company make very unusual furniture. Of course, not for people - there are too many such companies. And the furniture for cats, which allows owners to not only equip a corner for their pets, but also bring a certain zest to the interior. It should be noted that the furniture is pre-tested test cats.If they don’t like it, then the designers finish it again and again offer tailing “employees”. Needless to say that such furniture allows cats to climb and sharpen their claws comfortably, thus leaving the host good untouched. And even despite the fact that such furniture is very expensive, there is no end of buyers. As you can see, the main thing is to come up with an original idea and embody it, and the money will come.