How to make a kit?

Sooner or later, every motorist thinks about the fact that he would like to change something in the car, somehow improve it. All this is called in one word - tuning. This term contains a lot of questions. Including how to make a body kit. Basic tips on this topic can be found at the link: "". It is possible to carry out actions to improve performance, as well as the appearance of the car, either with or without the help of specialists. Of course, for this you need to have some skills and a good presentation of how the car is arranged.

Make kit

Most often motorists are interested in such a question, how to make a threshold out of fiberglass or, more simply, how to make a body kit with your own hands. So, it is worth starting with the fact that this process is quite long, and it begins with how the old kit should be disconnected from the car and put it away somewhere far away. So, let's proceed to the review of key points when installing a body kit with your own hands:

  1. When the old kit has been removed, carefully check for corrosion, if any - it must be removed with a grinder. From this moment on, the machine is ready for reincarnation.
  2. The second stage is the manufacture of a new body kit.Tape the places where the penostarol will be applied. Cut it into the necessary blocks, the size will depend on the body kit, paste the blocks in place of the body kit. Thus, you got a body kit. Gradually give the form of penostirol - this is a creative process, for which you will need an electrocautery, a skin. It is with such simple and simple tools that you have to create the shape of your future body kit.
  3. When asking the question of how to make the kit yourself, special attention should be paid to its form. Following the creation of the form, in no case use assembly foam to blow out the remaining slots. Since foam styrene and foam are completely different materials, processing will be very difficult in the future. In addition, you do not need to immediately glue the blocks together, do it already on the machine.
  4. To ensure a tight fit body kit to the body, give the blocks the shape of the body, in this case there will be few cracks, and therefore few problems in the future. Blocks must be laid using brickwork: block by block.
  5. After the bumper is slightly processed with fine sandpaper, it will acquire the desired shape.More information and photos of how to make a body kit with your own hands can be obtained here: "".
  6. The most difficult is that it is necessary to achieve perfect symmetry so that the sides coincide with each other. Use the skin for this.
  7. After that, coat the resulting body kit with a layer of epoxy resin fiberglass. To do this, cut the fiberglass into small pieces, and apply everything in the following sequence: resin, fiberglass.
  8. After drying the resin, apply a layer of the coarse putty on the kit. Flush everything to perfect smoothness. After getting the desired shape, from the skirts of the family to the car you need to unscrew the clips and fastening bolts. They need to be well cleaned of rust and dirt.
  9. Next you need to make a pattern of fiberglass skirts. And here, the key point - carefully disconnect the workpiece from the bumper. All that you have, at this point is, so to speak, semi-finished. The body kit needs to be strengthened, because after removing the foam polystyrene, the part will lose rigidity. Remove it in parts. After cleaning the body kit from foam styrene, apply several layers of fiberglass. And soak it with resin.
  10. And so, the part is almost ready, it is strengthened and ready for mounting. This should be done with resin and fiberglass. After hardening the resin, the skirt needs to be attached to the bumper with factory bolts that you cleaned earlier.

That's all on the spot! The case is left for small - otshkurit everything to a perfectly native surface, as well as paint the kit.