How to make a house for a cat?

As soon as your baleen pets start sharpening their claws about the corners of the furniture, about the door, tearing up the wallpaper and generally spoiling the interior of the house, the question arises how to make a house for the cat. The house is convenient because it is, firstly, housing for an animal, where it can spend a lot of free time in warmth and comfort, and secondly, it’s a great opportunity to pamper and satisfy your need for a cat “manicure”, because there the cat can sharpen claws as you like. Of course, you can buy a finished house, but our article is about how to make a house for the cat with your own hands. The main advantage of such a house is that it will be much more reliable and durable than any purchased one. In the article we will give two options for how to make a house for a cat - hard and soft. Let's start with a difficult, that is, with a hard house

Required materials and tools

Creating such a house is a task for a man. What do we need for this?


  1. Plywood with a thickness of 10 mm.
  2. Foam rubber (optional).
  3. Carpet.You can also use other finishing materials, but the best fit carpet, because it will cope with the load and will not deteriorate when the cat starts to sharpen claws about him.
  4. Rope. Best of all, if it is jute or hemp rope, that is, made of natural material - this rope will last much longer.
  5. Wooden block of standard size 50x50 mm. Also suitable plastic or cardboard tube.
  6. Furniture corners (metal) of three types - large for fixing racks, medium for shelves and small for building a house.
  7. PVA glue or other non-toxic glue.
  8. Screws.


  1. Drill or punch with a screwdriver.
  2. Electric or ordinary jigsaw.
  3. Construction knife.
  4. Stapler.
  5. Drill with a diameter of 10-12 mm.

Hard hut

Well, I hope you have prepared all the tools and materials, proceed to manufacture. For a start, it would be nice to make a small drawing of the future house. The size and number of booths and shelves depend on how many tailed pets live in the house. For one cat, one house is enough, but if there are more, then the houses will have to be made according to the number of "tails".After the drawing is ready (if you don’t have your own project, you can choose anyone ready on the Internet, for example, here: "", we start to make shelves and racks of the required length. Now, in the base of the house we make holes for the size of the racks and fasten along the edges of large furniture corners.

Next, we cut the carpet into the necessary pieces and we embed the base of the house with it. Do not forget to cut the holes in the carpet for the rack. Now we insert the stands into the ready-made bases and fix them with screws to the previously nailed corners. Then proceed to the creation of a house or cottages. There are two options: you can first put foam rubber in the house, and then upholster it with carpet, and you can do it without foam rubber. After the house is ready, you need to upholster a shelf or shelves with carpet. If there are several shelves and there are intermediate shelves, then it is quite possible to attach them to the uprights - to increase the rigidity of the structure. And the last thing left for us to do is to wind the posts with glued rope, holding the end of the rope together with a stapler. Now let the glue dry and our house is ready.

Soft house

This alternative is best suited for women, because in this case we will need to make, rather, not a house, but just a soft cat bed.And we will do it with the help of sewing. To get started, find on the Internet some simple pattern of a house for a cat. The pattern can be taken, for example, from here: "" - here the drawings are quite clear and detailed. You can also type yourself in the search, for example: "house for the cat pattern" - and choose the project you like most.

For a simple bed we need a fabric for covering the inner and outer side of the bed and foam rubber 3 cm thick for the base. We cut the oval bottom from the foam rubber and the lid is also oval, and it should be larger in size than the bottom. In the lid you need to make a few wedge-shaped cuts from the edges to the center. It is best to make 4 cuts, which are equally spaced apart. This is done so that then the house has a small lid in the form of a cone, we do not just have a stove bench, but a house-stove bench. Also do not forget to make a semicircular cutout on the lid to enter the house. Now we also cut a strip of foam rubber, which should be equal in length to the perimeter of the bottom circumference. Now you need to sew together the bottom with a strip, put a lid in the form of a cone on top and sheathe it with some fabric, only the fabric must be natural.By the way, on the strip also does not interfere with making a semicircular notch for the convenience of entering the house - just in the same place where you make a cutout on the lid.

Well, our house is ready - now you know how to make a house for a cat, and you can choose from at least two options. Of course, it’s good if you decide to make your own unique design, but there’s nothing wrong with finding such a drawing on the Internet, since there are a lot of websites devoted to animal projects today.