How to make a gas furnace

You will need
  • - two sheets of steel;
  • - 13 meter steel pipe;
  • - 3-meter shaped tube;
  • - grate;
  • - welding machine and electrodes;
  • - automatic control of temperature, as well as outflow and air flow;
  • - paint;
  • - brush.
Boil a two-chamber rectangular construction from metal. The lower chamber of the gas-generating furnace is designed for fueling, and the upper chamber is the fuel chamber. As an internal demarcation between these cameras, install a grate.
From the steel pipe, make the technological holes, with the help of which the flow of air and its outflow could be regulated. Gas-generating furnaces, in contrast to conventional heating devices, are not equipped with “a classical blower, by means of which an air flow required to sustain fire would enter the combustion chamber. Therefore, be sure to take care of installing a power regulator (serves as incoming air) and a gasifier regulator (it regulates the outflow of air) on the gas generator furnace.
Equip the design of the gas-generating furnace with a heat exchanger-heater. It can be made in the form of a system consisting of convective tubes. The principle of operation of this mechanism is as follows: the lower pipes suck in cold air from the floor, while the upper ones give already heated air into the room. That is, there is a "forced" air convection.
Install an automatic system that regulates the heating temperature. Also with the help of a profile pipe make a chimney.
Paint the gas-generating furnace with special enamel designed to cover metal surfaces that are exposed to strong temperature changes and are not afraid of high temperatures. That's all: the gas generator furnace is ready!