How to make a divorce?

Recently, it has become a common opinion, or rather �Hochma�, that a good thing is not called marriage. In general, marriage is essentially a family. To put it more correctly from a legal point of view, marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman, which are bound by law.

Dreams of a happy marriage are often broken on the rocks of a divorce.

Each of us dreams of a marriage based on mutual feelings and lasting for a very long time. And then, like in a fairy tale: "and they died in one day." In fact, in real life it is all different. Everything has an end in life, which sometimes is far from logical and not mutual. Marriages fall apart for various reasons: misunderstanding, adultery, etc. And if it so happened that it touched you, the most important thing is not to despair. In the modern world there are no restrictions regarding marital relationships, so you always have the opportunity to once again try to create a full-fledged strong family. Also, the causes of divorce may be the death of one of the spouses or recognition of missing persons.So, if both spouses are alive and well, how to get a divorce according to all the rules?

How to make a divorce in the registry office

As for divorce, it must be made out according to all necessary rules. The first question related to the process: where to get a divorce?

First you need to file a divorce request directly, ideally it should be filed by both spouses at the same time. The application is submitted to the registry office. Also, if you wish, you have the opportunity to submit it not to the registry office, but to the World Court in your actual place of residence (where you actually live). If you do not have common children, and you decide to part with each other, then in a month you will be able to terminate your marriage. If you have a situation where everything is different, then you should go directly to the court.

For example, if the husband does not want to divorce, then the case is automatically sent to the court and you will be given time for you to think again whether to dissolve the marriage. This time should not be more than three months and if you still insist on a divorce, the court has no right to refuse you.

If you have common children, whose age is under 18, the whole process may be delayed for a longer time.Try to give the court your agreement about the children. In it, indicate with whom they will live, in what order, by whom and when alimony will be paid. Otherwise, the divorce process may be delayed even for several years.

Also, the court will be transferred to those divorce proceedings in which one of the spouses systematically evades the record of a divorce in the registry office. For example, he does not file an application or visit a registry office to record the dissolution of a marriage. There are cases when one spouse simply does not have the opportunity to appear, being, for example, in places of imprisonment.

A few more tips on how to get a divorce. In order for you not to have problems in the registry office or the court in this procedure, you must prepare all the necessary documents in advance. You will need:

  • Passport, original and just in case a couple of copies of all filled pages.
  • Mandatory certificate of marriage itself in the original.
  • The receipt of payment of the state duty, its size will depend directly on the conditions of your divorce process.

That is how the procedure for obtaining a divorce.In each case, there may be some nuances that are extremely difficult to foresee in advance.