How to make a commercial offer?

A commercial offer is the same price list, but its purpose is somewhat different; it should inform customers about goods and services, and encourage them to use the service or buy a product. When creating a commercial proposal, the main component is its content, and, also, no less important is the method of informing the client. If you do not follow the rules of a unique sales offer, then no technique and technique will help. The uniqueness of the offer is very important, it brings competitive benefits for the client, which he can not get from competitors. Promotional text of the proposal should be focused on a specific subject. Most often, the subject of a commercial offer is a product.

What is it for

The client, not knowing about the product, its capabilities and other characteristics, does not pay attention to its brand and price. To begin with, it is necessary to form an understanding of who or what is the subject of the proposal, and what specific needs it can satisfy.Having no information about the product, its price, the manufacturer will not be interested in the customer at all. How to make a commercial offer, example:

In order to please you, we have created "Ret". To please us, leave your opinion about "Ret". Here the emphasis is on the brand. And, this is also a great way to properly make a commercial offer. After all, often when searching for goods, we are looking for a certain trademark that we trust, and the quality of which we are completely satisfied.

You can create offers oriented to the manufacturer. For many customers, this factor is very important. Such a commercial offer of a company requires strong links: a firm is an assortment, a firm is a service, a firm is a commodity.

There are commercial proposals that focus on the price of the goods. Advertising discount cards, discounts, benefits and so on - always an irresistible weapon in the fight for potential customers.

It is important to understand, and how to make a commercial offer correctly, but this does not always guarantee success and effectiveness. It is also important to include personalization in the proposal. Among the means of direct - offers, the letter is the most personalized. Inferring to the letter only talking on the phone or a personal conversation.

The basis of the personalization of the commercial offer is a high-quality customer database, which is constantly replenished, updated, and take into account all the personal information of the client. Mentioning personal information in a standard advertising offer, you will turn it into a simple communication with a familiar person; it is difficult not to respond to such an offer.

Mutual personalization

Commercial offer must have mutual personalization. That is, the advertising appeal must be signed by a real person to whom the addressee can turn to communicate on this issue. Contact facelessly to a specific person can not, especially if that person will make a decision. It is important to consider, the higher the status of the recipient, the higher should be the status of the sender. If you have the subject of a commercial offer and are personalized, then it is worth thinking about improving the efficiency of the offer with the help of stylistic techniques.

How to competently make a commercial offer? It is important when writing a commercial proposal to take into account the peculiarities of the spoken language of the target audience.For example, for recipients who are professionally connected with the economy, a sentence with the words in the text: "privatization", "marketing", "budget" will do. For technical experts, you can include the words: "gigabyte", "processor", "speed". But, at the same time, it is not necessary to overload the text with bulky terms. The reader should not be stressed, introducing what the sentence says. Do not use intricate language. All sentences should be concise and clear, it is better to place all basic thoughts at the beginning of the sentence. It is better to use specific facts, not general phrases.

Short text would be appropriate to decorate with emotional impact, with the addition of a short "shock word." These words often help to make a portfolio correctly. In a large text, you can bring rational motives or logical arguments, compare costs and benefits, and so on. But it is worth remembering that the decision to read or not to read the advertising text is made in the first two seconds. Therefore, this time should be enough to interest the reader and get him to read the entire advertising text.Often, good results are achieved by advertising messages that are built in defiance of the laws of logic, but cause an emotional reaction, for example: "Send us just one dollar and we will take over all the hemorrhoids, or you can keep yourself and the dollar and hemorrhoids." A completed commercial offer can be tested in several ways to determine what impact it will have on the recipient.

Check for shallow viewing

Before you send the text, you need to see how you made the offer. Look at the text, stopping your taking only on the outlined fragments of the text, that is, on font selections, headings, subtitles, captions under photos. Doing this, you understand what is offered in the advertising text? Will the client be able to immediately see the benefits that can be derived from this offer?

Check for clarity

Find the person belonging to the target audience for which your proposal was made. Let him read it alone, and tell you how clearly the important aspects are set out: conditions, meaning and benefit. Will he be able to distinguish your product from competitors?

Finger test

Try to exclude words that describe your company and the quality of the goods in excellent form. By removing such phrases, will your advertising text be interesting and fun? Let laudable phrases better come from your customers and will be supported by statistical tabs.

Working with the commercial offer, it is worth taking care of its preparation, drawing up and departure. It is important to constantly be aware of what is happening with this advertising letter in the company - the recipient. It is necessary to track the stages of the passage of this proposal in the company - the customer. For example, "the client has stopped on your offer", "the client is considering offers from other companies," "under study." By monitoring the commercial offer, you will be able to fully control sales in general and help to increase its volume. Now you know how to make a commercial offer, and, knowing all the nuances and details, you can make an excellent promotional offer.