How to make a bumper?

The most often damaged part in the car is the bumper. Riding with a broken bumper is not very beautiful, buying a new one is quite expensive, and you have to wait a while for some time. Many motorists "with hands" try to repair the broken bumper with their own hands, and some of them try to make it with their own hands.

Where to start

Let's figure out how to make the bumper. I just want to warn you that this is a rather laborious process that can take you a fair amount of time. And if you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better not to proceed, but send your car to a specialist in the service or just buy a ready-made bumper.

Making a new bumper, as well as other parts of the car, is worth starting with creating a layout. The layout should be made in 1: 1 scale from scrap materials. First you need to make a drawing and sketches, including a projection of the bumper from different sides (top, bottom, side). One of the simple ways to make a layout is to use fragments of an old bumper.Many use foam, foam. That is, you will be faced with the task, first, to choose the right material with which you can work. Secondly, you should not forget that you will have to do something out of the material, it will have to be cut, so decide on the tool you will be working with and how it will all happen. It is advisable to think about all these points in advance.

Foam bumper

  • Using foam is a fairly popular way. How to make a bumper of foam? This method has its own features and tricks. For example, in order to work better and to reduce the consumption of foam, it is applied in layers. The advantages of working with foam is its ductility. It is easy to cut, skin, when working with it is easy to use templates. It is also worth noting the disadvantages - the foam has a porous surface that is unsuitable for matting and pasting.
  • When the layout is ready, you need to carefully examine it for the presence of various defects. Now you can begin to manufacture the final product. To begin with, the surface of the layout must be covered with a plant composition.With the help of polishing cloths apply a thin layer of the composition. When the composition dries, you can proceed to its polishing. This process is performed manually, gradually processing one small piece. During this operation, the polish warms up and penetrates better into the pores of the surface. This procedure is repeated two or three times.
  • Upon completion of this process, you need to make a choice in favor of the manufacture of the matrix or the execution of the product without it. The manufacturing process can occur with the help of foam. To do this, the model is pasted over with fiberglass, then the resulting shell is removed, all the excess is removed, the surface is stitched, puttied, and stitched again. At the very end, we ground, grind, paint, varnish and polish.

Useful tips

If you have never had to deal with the repair of the bumper, and you do not know how to make the front bumper, then it is first desirable to collect more information about the manufacturing process. You can explore several interesting articles, consult with friends, ask advice from those who have already done this work. Do not assume that the use of someone else's advice or advice is very bad.

Please note that many motorists post photos of finished work, share tips, tell how the manufacturing process went, what problems they had to face and how best to do it. It will be useful to see the video how to make a bumper, posted on the Internet.