How to make a box?

Anna Sivokon
Anna Sivokon
March 18, 2013
How to make a box?

How nice when a man can not only lie on the couch, but also do something with his own hands. Everyone can hammer a nail into the wall, but only a few can please the wife with a home-made box for storing various things. How to make a box with your own hands? First, think about how much money you want to meet, what will be stored in the box, and where will your hand-made article be. If you want to make a tool storage box that will be in the garage, you can purchase plywood or chipboard. But if you decide to make a box for toys to the child, then it is better to use wood. The thickness of the material should be selected based on the things that will be stored in the box. You can buy ready-made boards painted with a certain color of lacquer, or you can buy ordinary polished boards and process them with decorative protective impregnation for wooden surfaces. Decide on the size of the future box. If he will stand in a certain place, then take measurements in advance.If tools will be stored in it, then measure the length of the longest of them. So, how to make a box with your own hands:

  • We cut parts (four walls, bottom and cover) in accordance with our dimensions.
  • We take the long and short side walls and connect them with screws (at least in two places). Self-tapping screws can be replaced with nails. If you have a material of great thickness, then mark the points of fastening with a drill of a smaller diameter than a screw.
  • Attach to them a long side wall.
  • Now fasten (or nail) the short wall of the box. We have a box without bottom and lid.
  • Screw the bottom of the screws to the side walls. Check that the bottom exactly matches the box around the perimeter. For the bottom you can pick up a thinner material than for the side walls. Starting to attach the bottom to the box must be from opposite corners so that it does not move.
  • The lid can be folded back. To do this, you can buy in the store a piano loop of the desired size. Attach the loop to the inside of the drawer and mark with a pencil the points of the future attachment. Also deal with the part of the loop that will be attached to the cover.First fix the loop on the lid with self-tapping screws, and then on the inside of the drawer. Before starting work, check that the cover closes freely.

Our box is ready. Then you can improve it to your liking. For ease of use, the door handle can be screwed to the lid (to easily open the drawer). If you often need to move the box from place to place, you can fasten the handles on the sides. If you want to make a box for storing toys, you can put a piece of foam rubber on the lid, and upholster it with a cloth with cheerful colors on top (you can also do this with the other walls). Then the box will be safe for the baby, and you will stop worrying about splinters and sharp corners.

Sometimes it's very difficult to do something with your own hands.