How to make a boot disk?

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How to make a boot disk?

In order to be able to quickly install or reinstall the operating system or game, a single disk image on our hard drive is not enough - it is necessary that the system or the game was recorded on the physical media. In this article, you will learn how to make a boot disk using an image file (for example, iso) and a special program. Consider the creation of a boot disk on the example of one of the most common programs: Nero Burning ROM.

Creating a bootable disk with Nero

Launch the program and open the main menu (to do this, if, for example, when you open the "multisession" window, click "Cancel"). Now in the "File" window, select "Open" and specify the path to your image file. In the window that appears, click on the tab "Record". Now we will focus on the items in this menu in more detail.

  • Putting a checkbox in the item “Determine the maximum speed”, you will give a command to the program to test your drive - can it record at the maximum recording speed of the disc itself.If you are recording a valuable disc, it does not make much sense, since we will still write at the lowest possible speed.
  • Item "Imitation" is needed to test the drive. If you check the box here, the program before the actual recording will conduct a special test for the possibility of recording and, if everything is in order, it will begin the actual recording.
  • If the two previous points do not interest you, then you can simply check the third one (“Record”) and begin the process of burning the image to disk. However, do not rush to do it, because we have not yet dismantled the few remaining points.
  • If you check the box “Finalize CD (DVD)”, then you will not be able to write anything to this disc anymore. However, this item is selected for rewritable media (labeled RW), and you should not write valuable files and programs on them, for this, select disks labeled R, that is, with the possibility of only one record. R-type discs make it possible to record better, and the information on them will be stored much longer.
  • The next item is “Write speed”. To write important information, I advise you to choose the minimum possible - this will reduce the number of errors during the recording.
  • “Record method” - if it is not specified by default, I advise you to choose DAO, it is the program creators themselves that recommend it.
  • “Number of copies” - here it is clear, without comments, as needed - we set as much.
  • “Use a lot of recorders” - at this point you are asked to choose a drive for recording. If you have several, tick and choose.
  • “Protection from devastation” is a very useful option in case the recording is interrupted for some reason. Putting a check in this item, you can continue recording from the place where it was interrupted, so I advise you to note.

Now we just have to insert a blank disc into the CD / DVD drive of our PC or laptop and start recording. By the way, if you are interested in how to create a boot disk of one or another OS or another program in Nero, I advise you to read the article How to burn a Nero boot disk.

Creating a bootable disk with other programs

The process of writing an image to a real disk in different programs is very similar, and if you have mastered this simple technology in Nero, then it will be very easy for you to do the same, for example, in UltraISO, Ashampoo Burning Studio or CDBurnerXP. The differences, by and large, are only in the presence and absence of some functions and the location of menu items, but getting used to the new interface will be easy for you.

Well, and finally, I would like to introduce you to some useful articles on this topic. First of all, this article How to create a bootable ISO, as well as you will be useful to read the article How to create a bootable disk Windows 7. With these articles, you can create copies of the operating system, from which it is very convenient to reinstall the OS on your computer when you experience serious problems. Burn these images at minimum speed and on high-quality discs!