How to make a beautiful flower bed: 15 schemes for a flower bed

15 basic schemes for a flower garden will help to make a beautiful flowerbed with your own hands - always use any, even the smallest place in the garden, to plant your favorite flowers.

Flower garden at the gazebo:

Chubushnik. Clematis. Holly. Mirabilis. Sage. Coreopsis.

Before starting the breakdown of the flower bed, we will calculate on paper how many plants we need. The scheme of the flower bed in the scale is divided into squares with a side of 1 m, mark out the contours of planting each type of flowers, for each count the area.

Front flower bed at the entrance "Welcome":

Rose flower. Petunia. Thuya. Delphinium. Lilies. Astra is a perennial. Cuff.

The calculated landing area for each type of flowers is divided by the average landing rate per 1 square meter. m: for large 100-120 cm - 2-3 pcs., medium 40-90 cm - 4-6 pcs., low 20-40 cm - 7-9 pcs. and dwarf plants 5-20 cm - 16-20 pcs.

Flower garden at the entrance to the house:

Virginia. Rose flower. Sedum. Balsam. Chistets woolly. Miscanthus Chinese.

We transfer the scheme of the flower garden to the garden plot. The contours of the flower bed can be marked with sand, chalk, sawdust.

Flower Garden "Path to the garden":

Juniper. Highlander. Sage. Bloodroot. Helenium Formium

Prepare the ground - dig up to a depth of 40 cm and choose the roots, or remove the top layer of sod and pour in a specially prepared soil. Mark the contours of planting for each type of flowers.

Sweet flower garden for sunny place:

Hibiscus. Kufei. Penstemon Vatochnik Petunia.

Flowers for 2-3 hours before planting water. The best time to plant flowers is early morning, evening or under rain.

Flower garden next to the bench:

Malvaviscus. Fern. Mouse hyacinth. Sunflower. Goryanka. Lemon Verbena.

Landing starts from the center of the flower bed to the edges. When planting from pots at a sapling, we straighten roots, we tamp the soil at the neck of each plant.

Pergola flower bed:

Geykhera. Lilac. Space. Baptisia. Hellebore. Derain blooming.

After planting, we water the flower garden abundantly, if necessary, back up the saplings with a wand. Happy cover from the hot sun.

Flower garden "Magic Waltz" to attract butterflies:

Thuya. The Buddha of David. Zinnia. Goldenrod. Echinacea purpurea.

Do not worry if some plant is not started, using seedlings with closed roots - from the pots, you can plant a new plant at any time.

Flower garden next to the recreation area:

Tagetis. Sedum.Chamomile. Millet rod-shaped. Budley. Sage.

Do not rush to expect instant results from the breakdown of a new flower garden. In the first year, the flower garden may seem empty (free areas can be temporarily filled with annuals), but after a year or two the flower garden will show itself in all its glory - just wait until perennials grow in the flowerbed.

Flower bed near the gate:

Blooming apple tree Kalina. Clematis. Detion Bell. Veronica.

Flower bed at the track:

Landarium. Coreopsis. Petunia. The vivifying creeping.

Autumn flower garden "Golden Sorceress":

Red Maple. Kalina. Virginia. Astra is a perennial. Ceratostigma. Oregano.

Flower garden on the supporting walls in the garden:

Sedum. Astra is New England. Dahlia. Anemones.

Flower garden next to the patio:

Pine Veimutov. Bamboo. Hosta Begonia. Schizahirium Rudbeckia.

Even if you do not have much experience, we hope the schemes of flower beds will inspire you to create your beautiful flower bed. Do not be afraid to adjust the composition of the plants and the shape of the flower bed, because these schemes are designed only for dates, the push of your unlimited imagination.