How to lose weight wisely

Healthy food

Slim body and normal weight are impossible without proper nutrition, so if you want to lose weight, you will definitely have to reconsider your diet. Give up the habit of eating a large portion at a time, eat better often, but little by little.

Do not eat on the go, while working at a computer and watching TV. Eat in a relaxed atmosphere, fully focusing on food, so you better feel its taste and do not eat too much.

Enter in your diet a large number of fresh vegetables and herbs, they contain a lot of fiber, necessary for normal bowel. Refuse sausages, fat, fatty meat, do not cook food on animal fat. Such products contribute not only to the emergence of excess weight, but also the formation of cholesterol plaques.

If you can’t imagine your life without meat, eat boiled lean meat several times a week. A great source of vitamins and minerals is boiled or steamed fish.

Do not refuse desserts, just replace the usual cakes and chocolates with dried fruits, fruit salads, berries, homemade marmalade and marshmallow. In the morning, drink natural fruit juices.

Once a week, spend fasting days, thanks to them you will quickly adjust the metabolism, improve the work of the digestive tract. For mono diets, you can use vegetables and fruits, dairy products, cereals.

Exercise and beauty treatments

Return figure slimness will help sports. Start the morning with a charge or energetic dance with rhythmic music. During the day, try to walk as much as possible. At home, you can exercise with dumbbells, stretching, and doing video tutorials.

If possible, visit the gym 3-4 times a week. You can do pilates, shaping, water aerobics, practice yoga. Excellent results gives the respiratory system bodyfleks.