How to lose weight fast at homeYou always want to look slim and attractive. And if in the winter season you can put up with figure flaws, hiding them behind tight, closed clothes, then as spring approaches, when clothes become more open, the desire to lose weight quickly at home is greatly exacerbated.

How to lose weight fast at home

In order to quickly part with the extra kilos accumulated over the winter, focus on your diet and creating conditions for sufficient physical activity.

1. We are reviewing the diet

To quickly lose weight in the spring, you must first restrict the food, but not sharply, but gradually. A sharp weight loss in a short period of time of at least 10% can adversely affect the state of health and lead to the opposite result, when the weight after losing weight just as quickly returns. Natural rates of weight loss for the body - 1-2 kg per month, under which the regulatory systems can adequately respond to changes.

During this period, it is desirable to limit the consumption of flour and sweet. Sugar can be safely replaced with honey, which, in addition to sweetness, will supply the body with essential trace elements especially in the winter season.

In the cold season, we all love to pamper yourself with a cup of hot tea or coffee while holding a candy or a cookie. The role of “snacks” can be safely performed by dried fruits, the taste variety of which is simply amazing and in no way inferior to the firm sweets.

The diet itself is desirable to think so that during the day there were at least 4 meals, the intervals between which are 2 hours. To quickly lose weight at home, you need every meal, cutting back on 100-200 calories, the most balanced. Proper nutrition in small portions will not only lose weight in a short time, but heal the body as a whole.

Many of us have heard and even tried such a method as fasting. As practice shows, fasting, although it gives a fairly quick effect, but at the same time brings harm to the body, which manifests itself in the form of nervous stress and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Discharge power - a more gentle method, which gives not so fast, but long-lasting effect. The main advantage of this approach, in which the daily diet includes only one type of product, is the ability to choose this product according to their taste preferences. There are several dozen recipes for “unloading”: rice, dairy, apple, meat, kefir and even honey-lemon. Since unloading food is not balanced, it can be used no more than twice a week. On other days, it’s enough to stick to one of the low-calorie diets.

2. We think over physical loads

Speaking about how to lose weight quickly at home, do not forget that without sufficient physical activity even a balanced healthy diet can not give the desired effect.

Walking - one of the most affordable and effective means of losing weight. Evening walks at a fast pace for 30 minutes give a result equal to that which we get after a 1.5-2 hour workout in the gym.

Successfully lose weight at home with the help of a normal rope, jumping through which for 1 hour can burn up to 560 calories.Jumping with a rope is allowed to be performed in three sets of 20 minutes each, the intervals between which are determined according to one's own will.

Not less effective assistant in weight loss can make a tubular expander. With the help of exercises using a latex tube, you can not only improve your posture, but also develop muscle mass, regaining a taut and slender figure.

To speed up the process of losing weight, which is activated under the action of increased metabolic activity and perspiration, you can use a special form. Since such a “uniform” is far from being cheap, many young ladies use food wrap instead of it, which is wrapped around problem areas immediately before the warm-up (hips, waist, etc.), they put on sportswear and start to do exercises.

The main secret of successful weight loss is an integrated approach, in which each of these methods complements the other.