How to learn to play Warface?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
March 6, 2015
How to learn to play Warface?

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How to learn to play Warface?

Warface (Varfeys) - a very popular computer game in the genre of massive multiplayer shooter. Of course, every player wants to be able to perform all game tasks well and never lose. However, is it necessary to say that there is no universal recipe for victories, the main secret of success is practice, practice and again practice! But let's analyze some recommendations that will help you to advance your skills.

How to learn to play Varface: useful tips

Correct tooling

The first two rules of a successful game are the presence of a computer with good features and high-speed Internet. Under the high-speed Internet, we understand the speed of 4 MB / s and above. To check if your computer is suitable for playing Varface, do the following:

  1. Click the "Start" button, then "All Programs".
  2. Select the "Standard" section, find the item "Command line" in it.
  3. Open a command prompt, enter the combination "ping wf.mа -n 50" and press Enter.
  4. If you get a result of more than 57, then your PC is perfect for playing.

Shoot ahead

In Varfeys everything happens very quickly, and therefore, when you attack the enemy, try not to shoot directly at him, but at the point to which he plans to move. Of course, it is not always possible to predict the direction of the enemy, however, when possible, always use this advice.

Learn your opponent

Before starting the game, see who you will play with. Each clan has its own peculiarity: snipers often sit in ambush, engineers like to lay mines, attack aircraft - to shoot point-blank. Be prepared for these features.

Correct clan

Choose the right place in the game. If you’ve always been fast, play engineer; if you are observant, you can become an excellent sniper; Well, if you like to shoot more, choose an attack aircraft.