How to learn to drive a car?

In order to learn how to drive a car, you must attend a driving school. Naturally, training is not free, so be prepared to spend a certain amount of money. But to get right, you need to be able to drive a car.

Choosing a learning method

Each potential driver is recommended to independently understand the theoretical fundamentals of driving and explore suitable videos. Additionally, you can use the services of private instructors. With their help, you will certainly gain all the important practical driving skills. However, this option is good only because it provides less material costs than training in a car school. As for the quality of education, it will be much worse.

A more reliable and effective option is considered to be enrolled in a driving school study group. Despite the relatively high cost, you can be sure that there they will tell you everything about how to properly navigate the situation on the road, explain any controversial and complex nuances that abound in the SDA.In addition, specialists driving school always guarantee quality training for passing the exam route.

When choosing a place to study, it is recommended to focus not only on the cost of courses, but also on reviews of friends, as well as on the number of people who were able to pass the rights test the first time. The fact is that nowadays even expensive high-end schools can only be a promoted brand, in reality no different from lesser-known companies.

Additional recommendations

  1. It is important, as soon as possible to learn to take a normal position in the chair. Perhaps it will seem inconvenient to you, but later you will get used to it. Note that the back should be almost vertically, and the hands on the steering wheel - to take a position "at 2 and 9 o'clock", barely bending at the elbow joints.
  2. Remember that the left foot is responsible for the clutch, and the right foot for the brake and gas pedal.
  3. If you have the opportunity to get behind the wheel, do not give up on it - the more often you drive, the sooner you will master this “craft” and understand how to learn to drive a car.
  4. Attach on the rear window of the car icon "Y" - a student. This should not cause you to be ashamed, because everyone started with this once. In addition, it will be a warning to other road users that a beginner is driving the car. They will be more attentive to you.
  5. Do not forget that even if it seemed to you that you are already driving well, different problems may arise on the road: the car may stall in the middle of the road, you can switch on the wrong gear and more. Try not to wait for improvements from each trip, it is better not to expect anything at all. You just have to be attentive and focus on your business. And in the near future you will enjoy the ride.
  6. During the first trips, it is recommended to leave on weekends early in the morning, because at this time you will not find many cars on the tracks that can stop you. Of course, then try to drive on weekdays during business hours. Each time gradually complicate your task and choose difficult routes.