How to learn to do flips?

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How to learn to do flips?

When thinking about how to learn how to flip forward or backward, first of all pay due attention to safety. And in no case do not make the first attempt to flip on a flat and solid surface. At best, it will discourage the desire to experiment further, at worst - you will have to lie down for a couple of weeks in a hospital bed. So, how to quickly learn how to do flips correctly?

How to learn to do forward flips

First, learn how to fall. If it happens in the gym, it makes things easier. Just lay a few mats on the floor, climb onto a goat or a horse. And make the first jump. In this case, all newcomers have one mistake: even before pushing off, they bend the hull down. This can not be done. Push away from the projectile and tilt the body as low as possible to the ground, you need to simultaneously. The difference should be just a few milliseconds.

Secondly, the landing is better to focus on the side, right or left, this is someone as comfortable.The neck also needs to be turned in the chosen direction - to the left or to the right. In this case, the worst that can happen is a slight stretch. Never press the chin parallel to the chest - this may cause a break or a displacement of the vertebrae! The fact is that in this position the whole mass will fall on the neck. And, if the head and body are turned slightly to the side, injuries can be avoided. You just turn on its side with a strong impact.

Thirdly, it is better not to put a horse or a goat too high. The exception is the first few workouts, from 2-4.

And never forget the standard warm-up. It will also help avoid injuries, and a rise in blood to the brain and increased ventilation in the lungs will improve your response.

After it became clear that the horse is not necessary, go to the workout in a standing position. But just land on the mats. By the way, the shock-absorbing bridge will be an ideal device and help during training. This was in every school and was made, most often, from old skis. After already go to the runoff flip.

The main thing is gradualness. Everything will be but not immediately. Need your effort and training.

How to learn to do back flips

To hone the back flip, you need the same tools as in the first case. Only preparation will take more time. The most important thing is to prepare the spine. If you can’t lean forward to the ground, there’s nothing to talk about. To prepare, we need to learn how to make an ordinary wrestling bridge. First from a prone position, then from a standing position. You can achieve excellent results in a week. Again, the main thing is gradualness. And then proceed to jump from a height, but not very large.

Immediately before the jump, the main thing is a good arm swing. Hands should be taken as far as possible from the back to the bottom and sharply through the head to take them back again. The stronger the jerk, the better you will land on your feet.

Just carefully inspect the space behind you in order not to fly out of the mat and not to hit your head on the floor.

In the first couple of the body is better to take a little sideways. And when experience comes, this approach will not be used.

How to learn to do flips? The video will be absolutely useful. Study the approximate coordination of an athlete in a video, just remember: before he recorded it, he trained hard.So do not rush into battle immediately - preparation and preparation again.

How to learn to do Arabian flips

Before you do an Arabic flip, you need to master the familiar exercise "wheel". Only after you have perfected it perfectly, can we speak further. In theory, an easy-to-follow wheel, in itself, will tell the whole body movement for an Arab flip, because in essence it is the peak of the progress of this exercise.

In the Arab flip, you need to land on half-bent legs, so you just can’t damage them.

First get used to the movement. That is, better just help yourself with your hand. And if for the first ten times it will be irreplaceable, then later in the course of progress you can only insure yourself a little.

Push is also very important. In the first classes, when pushing away, it is better to turn the body in the direction of torsion during a 4-6 step run.

Grouping and muscle memory is very important in this matter, so it’s best to first practice on the mats and in the gym.