How to lay plywood on the floor

You will need
  • Plywood, concrete mix, polyethylene, wooden bars, grinder, screws
If the level dropsthe floor�in the apartment reach a few centimeters, the surfacethe floor�ground and make a concrete tie. The screed dries for about 45 days. Then apply a waterproofing coating on the screed. Now to layplywood.
Make sure the base underplywood�completed with the highest quality standards and technologies. Check the moisture level of the screed, for which you place a piece of polyethylene meter-meter in size on it. Press the edges of the polyethylene to the floor with a load so that the polyethylene is pressed all the way around the perimeter. Leave the polyethylene for three days. In the absence of moisture at a specified time on the inside of the polyethylene, it is possible to consider the substrate suitable for plywood.
Spread sheets of plywood, cut into squares, on their prethe floorgomey places. Adjust the sheets to the size of the room.Between the individual sheets, leave the seams about 10 mm, and between the outer sheets and the wall - up to 20 mm. For good ventilation plywood should not come into contact with the walls.
Produce sheets of plywood with offset (by the type of brickwork), so that there is no intersection of seams at one point. Number-fit the sheets in place, make a diagram of their location and temporarily removethe floor.
Before the final installation of plywood, clean the base from irregularities, large drops of cement mortar, paint, etc. Then thoroughly clean the surface of small debris and dust (for this, a vacuum cleaner is useful). After cleaning the surfacethe floor�ground up.
Lay cut and fittedplywood�on the basis of a predetermined scheme. Apply a thin layer of adhesive mastic onto the base. Put a sheet of plywood in its place and attach to the base of the screws with plastic dowels. The mounting pitch should be approximately 200 mm.
After laying all the sheets of plywood and fixing it, sand it to get a flat base for laying parquet or laminate. For sanding, use rough sandpaper or a grinder.
At the final stage of plywood laying, conduct a visual inspection, checking the flatness of the base and slope (for this, the building level is used).