How to lay carpet

In order for the carpet to delight you with its magnificence for a long time, you need to properly mount it.
First of all, you need to know the dimensions of the required piece of carpet. In modern stores, this coating will be cut off to you with millimeter accuracy. After you bring the carpet home, you need to spread it out at full length and allow it to rest for as long as it takes for all the folds on it to completely smooth out. Only after that you can start laying the carpet on the floor.
Carpet can be installed in two ways: using a special glue or under the baseboard. Often used the second method of laying.
In order to lay the carpet correctly, it is necessary to adjust its size. Cutting the carpet can be a special knife for these purposes intended. The size of the carpet should be such that on each side of it to the wall there is a space of half a centimeter value. That is, the size should be slightly smaller than the area of ​​the room.This is done in order to avoid the formation of bulges after installation. It is known that the carpet is stretched during operation to give it freedom for this process, and such indents are necessary.
After a piece of the desired size is cut off, from each wall we fix the carpet with plinth. In addition, pressing the coating to the floor with nails is not necessary.
This is the simple way to lay the carpet under the plinth. If you do everything right, the results of your labors will bring you joy and benefit for a long time.