How do you know if you love

How to understand that you are lovedQuestions about how to know whether you like, the adolescents pay enough attention. In a variety of magazines you can find information on this topic. Questions of adolescent love are very relevant at all times. This is all because it is difficult for young people to navigate in life situations. Too little experience with them. Not yet experienced serious upheavals, betrayals of close people. All the failures of adolescents are taken very much to heart. In order to somehow reduce the emotional impact of failure, there are many ways. But not all of them act. Adults are hard to understand teenage problems. Especially if they are related to the age-old question, how to understand that they love you. The answer will try to give your recommendations in this difficult life situation.


At the very beginning of school time, this question does not really take children. And if the question arises how to understand whether they love you, then it is solved very simply. Children come up and ask directly. Their negative answer is not very disturbing. Children perceive it as some kind of game or fun.If such methods worked in adult life, it would be simply amazing. But, unfortunately, it is not. Different psychological factors do not allow asking direct questions.


This is primarily due to the fact that the girl is not taken to show initiative in such matters. It was established that the lad should strive for his chosen one, and the only thing left to do is to flirt out his verdict. Yes or no. But the foundations do not always correspond to modern realities. Guys are not so decisive in their actions, as some would like. And the girls do not always follow the advice of moms and are not so patient.

How to understand that you are loved

How to act in such a question? How to understand that they love you? Parents will not always be able to prompt, and the advice of girlfriends often do not give the expected effect. They themselves do not have the necessary life experience, even if they have already learned to kiss properly. So what remains of a young girl? How to solve the eternal question? And the answer is very simple. You need to listen to your heart. If a young man is not indifferent to you so much that you are so interested in this question, then you definitely love him.And the mood of your heart will tell for some only him (the heart) understandable signs in the behavior of the chosen one, how much you care about the young man. It can be short looks, small signs of attention, a desire to touch your hand for a while, etc.


Stronger listen to your heart, and the question of how to understand whether the guy loves you will no longer be pressing. Only the heart will give the correct answer. After a while, all your fears will become ridiculous, and not so scary, sorry for repeating. There is simply no other way.