How to know the size of the headdress?

With the onset of the first cold weather, the question of choosing a warm and comfortable hat becomes more relevant than ever, because such a simple device can effectively protect against wind and weather, and, therefore, protect against many diseases.

No matter what kind of headgear you prefer, in any case it should not only be warm and cozy, but also beautiful, it is important that the hat be “face”, so to speak, and fit your everyday clothes.

The caps in Russia were worn from the time immemorial, which, in fact, is not surprising, because our harsh climate pushes ourselves to pull on something warmer. True, women's hats, however, as now, were more an ornament than a protection from the cold.

When it came very tight, instead of women's hats used warm down scarves, as well as beautiful hats made of noble fur.

In men, the cap was an indicator of wealth, they were made of expensive fur, adorned with precious stones and had the shape of a high cap.The larger and more luxurious such a cap - the richer the person was considered, the naturally greater the position he enjoyed.

Which one to choose?

Since then, much water has flowed under the bridge; today, most of them wear hats to protect them from bad weather conditions, at least as an accessory for a certain image or as a piece of a certain style. Modern fashion offers a wide range of different hats, everyone can choose something to their liking, however, in order for the choice to be successful, you must not be mistaken with the size.

It seems that everything is simple - he came to the store, measured and bought, if everything came up. This, of course, is true, but the exception is when you buy a hat for someone as a gift, perhaps for a child or a husband, or decide to order such a thing through the Internet, where you can make a big mistake with an order without knowing the exact dimensions. How to determine the appropriate size of headgear? Let's figure it out.

Determine the size of the head

In fact, this is the size of the hat or cap that you need to purchase it. It is easy to measure it: to do this, you need to stand in front of a mirror, take a centimeter and wrap it around your head so that it runs 1.5-2 cm above your head, that is, along the line where you should pass the edge of the headdress.

A centimeter behind should cover your nape along the largest circumference line. It is important that the measuring tape passes just above the ears, lay on the head tightly enough, but did not tighten and pinch it, imagine how uncomfortable you would be in such a hat.

Make the correct measurements

Look at the centimeters that you got after measurements. For women, they usually range from 54-59 cm, this is the necessary head girth or headwear size. Men's a little more - 59-63 cm.

If you do not have a centimeter at hand, you can use an ordinary thread - wrap it around your head, remember where it ends, unfold and then measure the resulting distance with an ordinary ruler - this will be the size you need.

Everybody has it

Consider, if you are going to knit a hat or a beret, then one circle will not be enough for you, you will still need additional measurements in the form of the height of your product. To do this, you must attach a centimeter to the center of the crown and measure the distance from it to the intended bottom of the product from the sides, back and front, as well as how it should look on the ears.

Even removing all the measurements, you must try on a hat and pay attention to his landing.For example, if you get a regular knitted or knitted hat, then most likely there will be no problems, but with tougher ones, such as fur, you need to be more careful.

According to the rules, she should not fall over her eyes or stick to her ears, but at the same time she should not be cramped. This hat will squeeze blood vessels, which is why the head will not be warm.

We measure the size of the child's head

It is a little harder to choose a hat or cap for a small child - children grow up quickly, and only have time to buy something new. The size range of children's hats is the most diverse. Typically, the circumference of the head of a newborn baby doll is approximately 34-36 cm, after 6 months it increases to 43 cm, of course, in each case deviations in one direction or another are possible.

It is necessary to measure the size of the baby’s head in the same way as for an adult person, with all care, because for a small child the hat must be strictly in size. Constantly slipping headgear can let the cold in the ears or interfere with the free breathing of the crumbs.


If you are taking measurements for a winter hat, then do not forget that under it you will most likely have something to hook - a thin hat or cap.To do this, the child’s head must be measured several times: once completely without a hat, and another time in a cap, and then compare the sizes.

By the way, it is interesting that in the first few months of life the baby's head grows by about 2 cm every month, then the growth slows down slightly and the rate decreases to 0.5-1 cm per month.

Usually the hats that the child wore in his first winter are already small by the next cold season, but the hats for the second season usually remain for the third, and sometimes for the 4th.

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