How to knit stitches?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
February 18, 2013
How to knit stitches?

Any knitted item will look much better if you decorate it with additional patterns. Cones refer to the relief pattern. If you want to learn how to knit knit stitches, then we will help you master the necessary knowledge for this. Pattern "bumps" can be knitted in different ways. Usually they are knitted on knitting needles, but you can also crochet.

How to knit bumps with knitting needles

So, before you make recommendations on how to knit knobs, let's determine exactly where they will be. After that, from the corresponding loop we will need to knit three. Then turn over knitting and knit three loops, three rows. Then we knit loops and cones together, and then we knit them according to the planned pattern. The more columns, the lump will be thicker.

The second method is very similar to the first, the only difference is in the number of loops: not three, but five match. Due to this lump comes out more convex. Using the third method, the bumps are small and neat. From one loop we take five and link them together. Then knit by drawing.In the same way, the stumps can be knitted not with needles, but with a crochet.

And this simple way of knitting knots is called "two rows lower." The result is very beautiful. We pierce the knitting needle by two rows lower (the third). We take out one loop, do it on it and stretch another loop. We knit one row and close all the loops together.

How to knit crochet bumps

Let's now look at options for how to knit crochets. So, to tie a crochet nipple pattern, you need to insert a hook into the base of the single crochet column and stretch a loop from it. Then make a cap on the hook and enter it into the base of the column. Pull out the loop and return to the first column without single crochet. Then pull the thread, make another nakid and enter the hook in the second column without nakida, then again pull out the loop. As a result, seven loops should form. Knit them with a double crochet. Row complete air loop with a lift.

There is another option how to knit a knob pattern. In order to knit a crochet knob pattern, you need to make a chain with air loops and rotate the future product. Beginning with the second loop, tie the resulting chain with columns.At the end of the row, make an airy lifting loop and turn the knitting over. Sew the second row with crochets (crochet hook into the bottom of the loop). At the end of the row also make an air lift loop. While tying the third row, alternate the air loops and nubs. Starting from the fourth row, knit the pattern, alternating the bumps and air loops. Do not forget to complete each row with an air loop with a lift.

You can decorate with this pattern any knitted product, thanks to which it will acquire the effect of three-dimensionality. Blouses, vests, scarves, tippets and even hats are very beautiful. In particular, it is worth noting how interesting the pattern of bumps on knitted baby clothes.