How to kiss a boy and like a man?

A romantic or passionate kiss expresses certain feelings towards a man. For some girls, a kiss is a way to subdue a loved one, for others - a way to get pleasure and a reverent feeling of happiness. Each girl has his own technique of kissing. And they will all be correct. There are no specific rules for kissing a guy. The more imagination and love you show to a man when kissing, the better he will remember exactly your kiss. But if you are so serious about how to properly kiss a boy or a man, then you can describe the traditional existing types and techniques of kissing.

First kiss with a boy

How to kiss a boy? No one will notice that for you this kiss will be the first. Therefore, if you do not want to disclose your inexperience in this matter, do not disclose! It’s practically unrealistic to understand how you kiss a guy. Even if it is unusual and original, he will mark it as personally your kissing style.Do not worry that you will give anxiety. Each time, the first kiss with a new person will cause a frantic heartbeat, trembling and excitement. So, these features will never show that this is your first experience in a kiss. And, probably, you should not read articles on the topic: "how to kiss a guy correctly" or similar. Indeed, in this case, the theory without practice is an empty place!

The technique itself is simple - your lips touch the guy's lips, then there may be a touch of your tongues. The last option will just be called a passionately thing. But do not hurry with the technique ... Make sure that your breath is fresh, show the guy that you care about him. You can show it with the help of playful looks, compliments, gentle random or intentional touches. Think about whether he refuses to kiss (of course, if you have not met). And the technique itself must begin with a short kiss, using only lips. You will immediately feel if the guy is ready to continue. When you yourself will be ready to kiss with the tongue, show it to him, touching his tongue to his lips. Let your tongue be gentle and soft, and let the intensity of the movements of the tongue increase gradually.If your kisses have gone from gentle with a closed mouth to a more passionate with an open mouth and tongue, then you should think about your hands. Hands can be stroking the back of a loved one, gently touch his neck, run his fingers deep into the hair. If you do not expect to continue, then you should not give up on the buttocks and below, as well as kiss the guy in the neck. When you begin to act with your hands, be ready for his response actions.

Kissing with a man

How to kiss a man? Give him pleasure! Kissing a loved one is possible not only on the lips. Come to him, look into his eyes. May he see the desire in your eyes. Gently touch your lips to his face, cheeks, cheekbones. Hold your ear, take a deep breath and keep kissing his neck. Let your hands sensuously wrap around his broad shoulders, hot torso. Cuddle your cheek against his strong big breast and gently lower your head below, sweeping your lips across his stomach. Where to kiss your beloved is your imagination!

They write that men like it when the language is used in a kiss, as well as when he feels excited breathing and hears the gentle sounds of desire from the girl, roughly speaking, moaning.You should not pretend, because the fun is always felt, and this will not give anyone joy.

Where to kiss a guy

All places of the human body, which are sensitive to caress, are perfect for a kiss. It is worthwhile to playfully ask a man about his sensitive places on the body, because guys may have different zones. So you will understand where to kiss your man. Someone more pleasant when a girl kisses his neck, someone - in the torso, and someone prefers ears. If you have a close intimate relationship with a man, you can shower all his body with kisses, give him oral sex. Believe me, he will be delighted.

Dear girls, do not forget that the most important thing in a kiss is sincerity! And then feelings will tell how to act.