How to kill a day?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
March 6, 2015
How to kill a day?

Days at work can be difficult, and can be completely empty. In the empty days, many employees suffer from idleness and do not know what to do. In this article we will talk about how to kill a day at work. In our article you will find not only interesting tips that will help pass you long hours, but also useful recommendations.

What if there is nothing to do

At work, it sometimes happens that the whole day has nothing to do. Nevertheless, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to leave without permission. The management, in turn, is in no hurry to let the employees go, even if there is no work all day. Here, many people and the question arises, how to kill the day?

  1. First, do not sit back. It should exercise, because you are so sitting too much time. A sedentary lifestyle, as you know, does not lead to good. You can get up and do a few tilts and jerks with your hands, exercises on the shoulder girdle and neck muscles. And all this can be done together with the team. Charging in the office came up in Japan and practice it there everywhere.And at the breaks, the Japanese do not just stay in the office, but go all together to the sports ground, do the exercises.
  2. Breathe in the fresh air. You can go for a walk if you can. Never miss it if your superiors gave you permission to take a walk during the work day, especially when there is nothing to do.
  3. Clean up the workplace. Many people in the workplace create a real mess, and all because there is simply no time to get out. Clean up on the table, hem documents, and clean up the desktop of your computer. Delete unnecessary folders and files, structure important files.
  4. Play computer games all over the office.
  5. Call your friends or relatives. Many people experience discomfort due to the fact that they spend all their time at work, because of what they lack communication. Why not call someone to whom you always want to pay attention, but you can not because of lack of time.

Mention should be made of popular activities, namely: visiting various websites and social networking. Of course, this is a really good way to kill a work day,however, you should not forget that you can use your free time and come up with some good ideas for work or write a plan for career advancement.