How to keep carrots in winter?

Carrots are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Carrots must be stocked up for the winter, as it is actively used to prepare numerous first and second courses, as well as salads and desserts.

Carrot preparation

To save the carrot for a long time, it is necessary to make its preliminary preparation, otherwise there is a high risk after a short time to find out that the entire stock has deteriorated.

The first step is to dry the harvested crop. Then remove those root crops that have had time to spoil, have mechanical and other damage. They can not be stored for you for a long time. It is important to pay attention to the fact that carrots do not need to be washed, otherwise the shelf life will be significantly reduced. This should be done only before its use.

Bags and Cartons

Cardboard boxes and plastic bags will help to save carrots for the winter. They need to put the prepared roots and store further at a temperature of about zero degrees.It is important that the humidity in the room is high. You will also need to provide air access to the vegetables. To do this in the bags and boxes, make a few small holes.

Wooden boxes and sand

Carrots are stored in the sand for a very long time. To do this, you need to take a wooden container - boxes of medium size. In them, first pour a layer of clean and dry sand. On it, put in one row of roots. Then sprinkle them with sand and re-lay the carrots. Do this until all the container is full. The last layer in it must necessarily consist of sand.

Plastic Container and Paper

You can also store carrots in plastic pallets. But before you put the prepared roots in it, each of them will need to be wrapped in paper. The paper should fit snugly. Instead of paper, you can use newsletters. As such, carrots can be stored in containers not only from plastic, but also from cardboard and wood.


If you have racks in the cellar or basement, then you can leave carrots for the winter right on them. Before the shelves must be thoroughly washed and dried. You can cover them with paper, and on it in one row put the prepared roots. But it is important that they are at a short distance from each other.

Clay potter

The longest storage of carrots provides this method. He envisages the use of clay talkers. To make a talker, you will need to take 4 parts of clay and 1 part of water. Then these components are thoroughly mixed in containers. It is necessary to pour a homogeneous mixture. Each root is dipped into it and left for 30-40 minutes. As a result, a clay case will be formed, which will prevent premature deterioration of carrots. Then the vegetables are transferred to pallets (plastic, wooden, cardboard) and sent to be stored in a dry room.


If you decide to stock up on a small amount of carrots, then you can keep it in the fridge. Each root crop will need to be wrapped in cling film and put into the vegetable compartment.