How to iron a shirt?

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How to iron a shirt?

It would seem that it can be difficult in ironing such a simple thing as a men's shirt - laid it on the table, turned on the iron and quickly ironed it. However, in reality, everything turns out to be not so simple, and often the shirt, ironed in such an inappropriate way, looks very unpresentable. In order for the men's shirt after ironing there was not a single wrinkle, you need to be able to iron it correctly. It is not so difficult to do this - all you need to do is to know in which sequence the individual parts of the shirt should be ironed and how to carry out each technological operation correctly. Let's talk about how to iron a men's shirt.

Ironing shirt

For a shirt to be ironed perfectly, it should always be ironed in a strictly defined and unchanged order:

  • collar,
  • cuffs,
  • sleeves,
  • trims,
  • shelves
  • back.

Before proceeding directly to the ironing, be sure to study the inner lining available in each shirt.On it you will find an icon in the form of an iron, which depicts several fat points (from one to four) - this is the recommended temperature mode for ironing your shirt (ironing modes have already been described in detail in our article How to iron a men's shirt correctly). Set the iron regulator to the desired position, pour distilled water into the tank and turn on the iron.

If the fabric from which the shirt is made allows the use of steam when ironing, turn on the steam supply system. When the iron heats up and the warning light goes out, start ironing the shirt.

Ironing technique


Spread the shirt collar on the ironing board with the purl side up. Smooth it from the inside, moving the iron from the corners of the collar to its center. Turn over the shirt and similarly smooth the front side of the collar. On this side, iron the collar very carefully, try to ensure that it does not have a single wrinkle. Separate the movement to iron the collar. In no case do not smooth the fold between the stand and the collar itself - this bend should then be formed naturally.


Smooth cuffs of a shirt as the collar - first from the wrong side, then from the front. Iron the cuffs no less diligently than the collar, because it is these parts of the men's shirt that are always in sight.


The general rule is to straighten the sleeve on the board and carefully iron it by moving the iron upwards, i.e. the nose of the iron should move from the cuff to the shoulder. Further opinions of experts diverge. Some argue that the arrows on the sleeves of a men's shirt are moveton, so ironing the sleeves is necessary only on a special ironing stand, pulling the sleeve over it and gradually turning it under the iron. Others say that the arrows on the men's shirts are quite appropriate, and it is necessary to iron the sleeves in a folded form, smoothing them first from the back and then from the front. Of course, the second method of ironing is much simpler and for its implementation does not need a special device - the “ironing sleeve”, although it cannot be said unequivocally that it is better than the first. Which one to choose, decide for yourself.

Slats and shelves

Start ironing with the right shelf - the one on which the buttons are sewn.Put the right shelf on the ironing board and carefully flatten the yoke, and then the bar, especially carefully iron its sections between the buttons. Smooth the rest of the shelf down to the side seam. Put the left shelf on the board and iron it in a similar way - here it will go much faster, since the left plank has not buttons, but loops, so ironing is much easier.


You are approaching the finish line - put the right part of the back on the board, iron the yoke, then the lower part of the back. Move the shirt away from you and in the same way smooth the left side of the back. The final touch is to lay the shirt back in the middle of the board and finally iron its centerpiece. Hang the shirt over the hangers and let it cool completely.

General rules

  1. Qualitatively smooth the men's shirt on the table is almost impossible. In order for the ironed shirt to look perfect, it should be ironed on a special ironing board.
  2. Ironing men's shirts requires a good modern iron, equipped with a thermostat and steam generation system.
  3. To avoid the formation of dirty stains on the fabric of the shirt, check the sole of the iron before ironing and, if necessary, clean it.Yellow spots may appear on the shirt during ironing and due to the use of tap water to produce steam. In order to prevent the lime and rust from falling out of the holes in the sole of the iron with the steam at the most inopportune moment, pour only distilled water into the iron tank.
  4. Do not overdry shirts after washing - iron them slightly damp, this will greatly facilitate the process of ironing. If the moment was missed, and the shirt is still dry, an hour before ironing, sprinkle it with water from a spray bottle, roll it up and put it in a clean plastic bag. The shirt in it will dampen and it will be much easier to iron it later. This tip does not apply to shirts made from viscose, natural or acetate silk - they are ironed completely dry and not sprinkled with water, from which stains are formed on these fabrics under a hot iron.
  5. Almost all shirts are stroked from the front side, from the inside out only strokes with embroidery or jacquard shirts with shiny threads are stroked.