How to invite to visit?

It would seem, well, what is special about the invitation: contacted the person and politely called for tea (lunch, dinner, and so on). But man is a creature seeking to complicate things. Probably, for this, special etiquette rules were invented, explaining how to invite guests. The gender of the intended guest, the nature of the event, and the methods of the invitation are taken into account.

How to invite to visit

Decide on the format of the meeting: expecting an invitation to old friends, a date, an informal gathering of work colleagues, a celebration on the occasion of the holiday and the anniversary, and so on.

Depending on the format, choose the method of invitation: personal, by phone, or in writing. The first two involve meeting friends, relatives, organizing a family holiday. The third type of invitation is a respectful form and is designed for official guests. If you chose the third method, orient yourself with the format of the invitation itself: the official one will be either non-standard, for example, in a joking manner.

  • The text of the letter is drawn up from a third party, and the invitation itself must specify the date, time, venue and form of clothing.You can write a personal phone number of the host or, if necessary, the location map to the place of the event.
  • According to the rules of etiquette, it is indecent to send a letter of invitation by postcard - only in an envelope. At the same time the names of the guests fit in by hand. If the name of the spouse comes to visit, the name of the husband goes first.
  • The start time of the event is indicated with a margin: if the celebration is planned at 5 pm, guests are invited at 4 pm.
  • Invitations are always sent in advance: to a solemn event - one month before the celebration, to meetings of a narrower format - three to four days.

General rules for inviting guests

Take into account the relationship of people. You can not recruit to the company of those who constantly conflict with each other. Guests are invited in advance: at least three days before the event (exceptions are spontaneous meetings of close friends). If you have chosen a personal invitation method or by phone (Internet), remember the following NOT:

  • do not invite friends through third parties: a person may be offended;
  • Do not make invitations in the form of e-mail newsletters: there is a risk that the invitee will send a letter to spam and will not know about the celebration at all;
  • Do not invite someone to visit in the presence of other people: this option will offend those whom the invitation does not concern.

Invite personally those who are the regulars of your holidays and usually come without an invitation. Give courtesy to a close friend! Do not be offended or argue with a person who politely declined the invitation.

How to invite a girl to visit

Ladies invitation conditions do not differ from generally accepted: we determine the format and purpose of the event. Proceeding from this, we prepare the territory: cleaning, flowers (if necessary), buffet, etc.

Prepositions to the invitation can come up as you like. For example, if there is no official reason, ask the young lady to help with something. The representatives of the weaker sex are, for the most part, sympathetic, so if the invitation sounds correct and does not make you doubt the sincerity of the request, they will most likely come.

In any case, keep in mind: if a girl (woman) knows what a man likes, his invitation to visit will be considered a desire for intimacy. So, if she agreed, most likely the girl is ready for this closeness.

If there is a question about how to invite a guy to visit,here it is better to be guided by male instincts: as an excuse, for example, you can cook something tasty or invite you to fix the breakdown. Again, the outcome of the meeting will depend on the purpose and format of communication. But, if we are not talking about the official visit, then for the man the invitation will most likely be considered as a step towards intimacy. So, if the lady does not plan this, she will have to think carefully about the options for inviting a man to visit.