How to introduce the class teacher

If you are a school principal, then a class teacher introduction to students is your task.
If the director is missing for any of the reasons, his deputy, that is, the head teacher, must do so.
Introduce the class teacher to all students at once, and not to each individual. The new class teacher should enter the class in the interval of free time, better at the beginning of the lesson, when all students are in their places, but the lesson has not yet begun.
Pass a new teacher ahead of you, then log in yourself. No other teacher should be present in the classroom. The class teacher must face the students in the center of the classroom, facing the children. Representing at the same time is on the side. Ask the children to focus, tell the students that they will now be presented with their new class teacher.
Loudly and clearly name the surname, name and patronymic of the new class teacher.
If these are elementary school students, write the last, first and middle name of the new class teacher on the blackboard.
Check that the students write the name of the new class teacher in their diary.
Tell a few words about the experience of the new teacher, about what interesting discoveries and methodological developments he made, i.e. Show the children the strengths of the teacher, if any, praise him.
Say goodbye and wish good luck and mutual respect in the process of cooperation of the teacher with the children, leave the class; The class teacher himself should not continue to speak of self-praise - it’s better to go straight to work.
Present the class teacher to the parents of the students at the parents' meeting in approximately the same order in which the teacher was presented to the children.
For a closer acquaintance with the class teacher, you can conduct a survey, both among parents and among children, to find out what questions they care about.