How to install lololoshki assembly?

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How to install lololoshki assembly?

The streamer Lololoshka, famous in runet, made a lot of interesting and funny videos on the game Minecraft. But the key to his success was not only an interesting plot and humor, but also a special mod build that adds a huge amount of possibilities to the game, and without that having many functions of a full-fledged sandbox. However, not every gamer of Minecraft knows how to install the Loloshka assembly.

Let us consider in more detail how to install the Loloshka assembly or the game Minecraft.

How to install the magic assembly Loloshki

Install the Lololoshka assembly on Minecraft is quite simple. You can immediately download the assembly with the game and install it. Or you can download it separately and place the necessary files in the game folder. You can download the assembly, for example, with. However, before you need to delete the game Minecraft and all the save files from the library "Shared Documents" from your computer to install successfully. Then just unpack the archive,Run the installation file and follow the instructions.

In the assembly included fashion:

  • On various weapons.
  • For more animals, fish, monsters and bosses.
  • On a variety of decorative items and new things.
  • On the display of the strength of objects and damage indicator.
  • On various spells and types of magic.
  • On new unusual territories like "World of Dreams".
  • On some physical laws. For example, a tree falls down if it is cut down.
  • On turning into mobs.
  • On the flight into space and many new planets and space bodies.
  • And many other interesting and diverse things.

With such a number of mods, the game Minecraft will become much more diverse and interesting. In addition, the assembly can be used in multiplayer, which makes it even more popular among gamers who can cooperate and create something new or arrange battles with the use of magic.