How to inspire a person?

Alena Mikhailova
Alena Mikhailova
September 19, 2014
How to inspire a person?

It would be much easier to live if others agreed with your opinion and considered your ideas to be true. However, this is not always the case. But if you know how to inspire your thoughts to a person, you will be able to skillfully manipulate the interlocutor and easily achieve your goals. The techniques described below will help you with this.

How to inspire a person your idea

You can inspire a person to any idea, but you need to act tactfully. Tell the other person what you want from him, but first praise him, tell him that you really appreciate his opinion. Reinforce your idea with facts, if not, think up. You can refer to the famous edition, an influential person. Speak in a calm tone, repeat important points, then they will be deposited in the subconscious of the person.

Use the “three rule“ yes. ”It is noticed that if a person agrees with you twice, he will do it a third time. Try to clearly state your point of view, do it in a calm tone, as you need the person to relax.Make more pauses in the conversation, it will give your words weight.

How to instill fear in man

If you need to inspire fear in a person, you need to speak smoothly, slowly and convincingly, while looking at his reaction. The interviewer should listen to you carefully. During the conversation, look the other person directly in the eye, do not look away. Speak confidently, add weight to every word.

You can also try to infect a person with your fear. In this case, you need to have acting skills. Tell the other person what you are afraid of or what terrible might happen to you, do it emotionally, add bright details. A person will surely try on your fear on yourself and start to get nervous.

How to inspire thoughts at a distance

They come across very strong personalities who cannot be inspired by just talking to them. However, you can learn to inspire thoughts from a distance. This will require a clear picture of what a person must do. Then sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, try to relax.

When you reach this state, remember a picture that you imagined a few minutes ago, then imagine a person who needs to inspire an idea.Mentally open his head and put your picture in it. Then play the whole play again and get out of the state of meditation. It is best to do this for several days in a row, and soon the person will do what you want.