How to hire

You will need
  • - newspaper about employment;
  • -computer with the Internet;
  • -a pen;
  • -leaf
Job search should be treated with the utmost responsibility and seriousness. Do your best and you will achieve your goal - you will find exactly the position that will correspond to your skills, preferences, and, of course, the level of remuneration. Contact your recruitment agency. As a rule, they work through the Internet. Leave them your details and, as soon as there is a suitable job, they will notify you by calling or by writing to an email address.
Go online. Popular mail sites have a special “job” section. Come to this section, there will open a lot of sites dedicated to resumes and open vacancies (for example,,, Leave your resume on the site and wait for potential employers to find you.
Or look for a job yourself. Buy specialized newspapers or magazines from your local press sales office.View suitable job ads, call on them, sign up for interviews.
Make a resume. On each site about employment, you can find samples, view them and make your own on the same template, entering personal data and achievements. You can also ask your friends working in successful companies to help you write a “successful” resume. Keep in mind that this document should be short, but as informative as possible, easy to read, and interesting in content. Do not overload resumes with unnecessary information - write only what specifically applies to this vacancy.
When you are invited for an interview, thoroughly prepare for it. Prepare in advance the answers to the most standard questions asked by potential employers in any company. You will be asked to tell you about yourself, about your previous job and the reason for your dismissal from your former position. They will ask questions about possible work in their company: how you can be useful to them; do you have the appropriate education and experience; what are your advantages and disadvantages;the jobwhat type you prefer to perform; What are your life goals and how you want to achieve them.
Pay attention to appearance. Do not experiment with appearance, do not make bright makeup and manicure, as well as new hairstyles. Do not wear vulgar or overly modest, do not go to extremes. Choose discreet, strict clothes in a classic style, then the employer will celebrate your business ethics and impeccable taste. It is better to choose such color combinations as white - black - gray or brown - beige.
Learn all about the company - personal data of the head, the latest events, try to get information about partners and competitors (perhaps you have friends there). Don't worry. Learn to cope with these sensations. Do not be afraid that you will be denied. The main thing is self-confidence, but it should not be confused with purposefulness and arrogance.