How to hire an alien?

Vera Shiryaeva
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How to hire an alien?

At present, Russia cannot refuse the help of foreign labor. In different areas they hire specialists of different qualifications. Therefore, the question of how to apply for and hire a foreigner concerns many employers.

Hiring a foreigner

We will immediately make a reservation that people from the CIS countries, except Turkmenistan, are hired by the same rules and laws as the Russians. Workers from other countries are divided into three categories:

  1. Temporarily staying. It requires a work visa or migration card.
  2. Temporarily living.
  3. Resident.

The last two categories, as well as the Russians and those who came from the CIS countries, come to work according to the laws of Russia. The only requirement is a temporary residence permit.

Now with regard to the question of how to issue a foreigner from the first category. The following documents will be required for this:

  • Identity document. This is usually a passport, although you can show a temporary residence permit.
  • Visa and migration card.
  • Employment history. Often, foreign workers simply don�t have it, so the employer must bring it.
  • Pension insurance document. He is usually requested if the foreigner will work in the company for more than six months. If the employee is the first place of work, the employer must take out insurance itself.
  • Any documents relating to education, qualifications, and so on. Usually they are requested if the company has a narrowly focused activity requiring special knowledge.

Please note that foreign citizens are not required to present a military ID. Those who permanently reside in Russia must provide a certificate of permanent residence, which is issued for five years. By the way, with this certificate, they can work throughout the country. But temporarily living can work in the region at the place of registration.