How to hide a page in VK?

Andrey Kim
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How to hide a page in VK?

VKontakte (VK) is the most popular social network in Russia. However, each user must understand, when starting his own web page, that his personal information becomes available to any Internet user. That is why many users want to hide their page. Fortunately, this can be done. Let's figure out how to hide your page in the VC.


  1. Go to your personal page.
  2. Click the main menu item "My Settings".
  3. Select the "Privacy" tab.
  4. Find the "Other" section.
  5. In the item "Who can see my page on the Internet", tick "Only VKontakte users".
  6. The set position will be saved automatically.

All! Now your page will be unavailable for search in the network, only VKontakte users will be able to find it.

In addition, in the "Privacy" column you can set your audience for each parameter. You can choose "Only I", and then no one, except you, will not be able to get acquainted with this or that section of your page.

It is also possible to add a user to the blacklist.