How to hide a nose?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
May 27, 2015
How to hide a nose?

Quite often, girls are faced with a situation that something does not suit them in their appearance.

No exception is the nose (big, snub-nosed, with a small hump, turned in any direction). In this case, the fair sex think how to hide a nose.

Facial features

The most important thing in this situation is proportionality of the main features of the face. For example, if you have a big nose, then the eyebrows should not be narrow, they should be made thick, bulging and rounded. This way you can even the facial features, and the nose will not seem so thick. The same is with the lips: make-up lips brighter, you can remove the accent from your nose.


An important in this situation is the hairstyle. A woman with a big nose can be advised lush hairstyles. If you have a hairstyle like bob or bob, then you should not straighten your hair, it is better to make a wet effect or twist hair.

The most ideal option - a hairstyle of medium length and a graduated four. You should also do different hairstyles, but completely collect the hair in the tail is not worth it.Bangs in this case is also contraindicated, as it will cover part of the face.


Using cosmetics can help hide a big nose. The main rule is to lighten protruding areas and darken less protruding. For example, you can apply a lightening translucent powder in the nose, and cheeks slightly darken the powder of a different color.