How to help yourself with heartburn?

Oh, it's an unpleasant feeling of burning and bitterness, which rises from the deepest bowels of the stomach with stiff sparks, moving from there straight to the throat, burning all the food passage. And this is heartburn, which can also be accompanied by nausea, flatulence, sour or bitter tastes in the mouth, belching and pain in the stomach, which are not so easy to get rid of.

Typically, such sensations appear after an hour and a half after eating, according to statistics, heartburn suffer equally, both men and women, and age does not affect the symptoms of this disease.

Very unpleasant disease

In a healthy person, signs of heartburn can occur no more than once every few months, but if this happens much more often, then it’s time to think not only about how to get rid of heartburn, but also about what affects its frequent occurrence. .

And to the person who suffers frequent burning episodes, it is well known how much this affects the quality of life, that's why it is so important to know how to get rid of this forever.

The fact is that the main cause of such a burning sensation in the esophagus and throat is the increased acidity of the gastric juice, which periodically spills into the esophagus, causing such unpleasant sensations. In a healthy state, between the stomach and the esophagus, the cardinal sphincter functions, which prevents such disorders.

With long-term effects of acidic gastric juice on the mucous membrane of the esophagus, serious disturbances in its work can occur, and if you are constantly suffering from heartburn at 20-25 years old and do nothing to get rid of it, then by the age of 40 you risk to get gastritis or worse, a stomach ulcer.

Acid, acting on the esophagus, can cause general dehydration, weight loss and even bleeding, in which case urgent hospitalization of the patient is necessary.

Most often, persistent symptoms of heartburn torment people who already have stomach ailments, such as chronic gastritis, inflammation of the esophagus, hernia of the esophagus, ulcer, stomach cancer, or duodenal ulcer.

It should be remembered that with the frequent occurrence of burning sensations and other symptoms of heartburn, it is necessary to consult a doctor-gastroenterologist, who will be able to establish more accurate causes of their occurrence.

The main causes of

Often the cause of this disease is not at all serious diseases, but a wrong lifestyle or food that a person eats daily.

Health must be taken care of

It should be remembered that people who are predisposed to such phenomena, after a heavy meal, it is better for some time not to take a horizontal position, because that is how it is much easier for the stomach contents to enter the esophagus.

Ideally, you should not go to bed for an hour and a half, if there is no such possibility, then try to ensure that the head rises above the body by at least 15-20 cm.

  • Improper and harmful diet is one of the main reasons that causes the main symptoms of this disease. Too spicy or peppered food, fried and plentiful dishes, overflowed with various spices, seasonings and spices can negatively affect. In addition, the instigators may be too sour citrus juices, the same berries and tomatoes, as well as cakes, black bread, an excessive amount of onions, chocolate and red wine. By the way, it should be noted that alcohol is generally contraindicated for people with persistent heartburn, and chocolate provokes the release of bile into the esophagus.
  • A healthy diet is a guarantee of the health of the whole body, try to avoid too saturated portions, try to eat more often, but in small amounts.
  • Carbonated beverages adversely affect the tone of the valve, which separates the esophagus and the stomach, so their use should be minimized.
  • Heartburn can often occur during pregnancy, especially in the first months, when the abdominal pressure is actively increasing, and the amount of the hormone progesterone increases. This unpleasant syndrome during pregnancy can be weakened, for this it is necessary to carefully monitor the food intake: boiled eggs, fresh yeast bread and buns, pickled foods, coffee, cabbage can provoke heartburn.
  • Excessive weight can also cause a similar illness, sometimes it is enough to lose only a few kilograms and heartburn completely disappears, the main thing is to keep that weight.
  • Wrong food intake, excessive rush or snacks on the go can also cause a constant burning sensation.
  • If you feel the main symptoms of heartburn after taking certain medications (for example, containing acetylsalicylic acid), be sure to stop taking them and consult a specialist.

How to help yourself with heartburn?

The most famous and easiest way, which, however, does not always help, is to drink a glass of cool clear water. Usually it becomes easier after that, but the only reason for the disease does not disappear anywhere.

There is another proven "grandfather's" way - to drink water along with soda, which is quite effective, but it should be remembered that this method increases the amount of carbon dioxide, causing increased pressure inside the stomach, which, in turn, can provoke a second attack of heartburn.

Therefore, first aid for the discomfort of heartburn is hydrocarbonate mineral water, which will quickly relieve you of them.

Eat right

There are folk remedies that allow you to get rid of the constant burning sensation, although the treatment with their help is quite long, but harmless. For example, a very common method that involves taking natural freshly squeezed juices of vegetables, for example, raw potatoes.

You need to take half a glass of such a tool before eating 3 times a day, instead of potatoes, you can use cabbage juice (50 ml) or juice from fresh cucumber.There is another way - at the first symptoms try to chew a few oat grains, and raw sunflower seeds in the shell or young corn kernels will do.

There is another option: fry buckwheat on low heat, it should be transformed to a dark brown color, then it must be pounded and crushed to a powder. Take this tool must be 3 times a day on a small pinch.

There are also ways to treat heartburn with herbs that can not only relieve the symptoms, but also cure the root cause of the disease. For example, a decoction of the herb of a gold-bearing pot helps a lot, for this 1 tablespoon must be brewed in 1 cup of boiling water, let it brew for 60 minutes, then take half the glass 3 times a day.

For the same purpose, you can use St. John's wort, angelica leaves, yellow gorchavki roots, yarrow, etc. In pharmacies, you can buy drugs in the form of tablets that reduce the acidity of the stomach and relieve unpleasant sensations.

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