How to have sex on the phone

How to have sex on the phone photo

How to have sex on the phone.

How to have sex on the phone



In order to have sex on the phone, you will need several important details: sexual messages, deep breathing, cribs, erotic photographs, sound effects and, of course, the ability to describe. These tips will help you learn.having sex on the phoneand maybe he will be the best sex ever.


We write cheat sheet


It is useful to you, if you are not accustomed to indecent conversations. And then you will not need to look for a word that you need to say at this or that moment of conversation.


Calm There should be no excitement


A few minutes deep breathe, and only then dial the number. This way you will make your voice more confident and relaxed.


Its erotic photo


Sending your picture, be careful, since such a transfer can entail a serious risk, so send such photos only to people you fully trust.


describe yourself


Whateverhave sex on the phone rightwhen you need to communicate with a man, tell him how you look seductively now, how you are dressed and maybe naked, and it doesn't matter if you are really wearing sweatpants or a dressing gown. The point is that for guys it's very important to have a visual image. If you communicate with a woman, tell her about your desires, how you want her body, and right now. All speak slowly, placing emphasis on the last letter of each word.


Do not forget the brightness in communication


Use in communication bright phrases and expressions, including the roughest names of body parts that you just come to mind. Speak even what you would hesitate to say in person person.


Speak specifically


Speak always specifically. Describe your physical manifestations of passion. No need for ephemeral phrases.


Contact in person


Be sure to talk about the unique physical features and erotic preferences of your partner. Your conversation should not be generalized.




Without dialogue is not enough. The conversation should be two-way. Listen to your partner and answer his phrases.


Do not forget to hang up in time.


After you both finish, immediately end the conversation and hang up. Shame for the deed better to worry alone, this is one of the secrets of how to have sex on the phone.


Sound effects


Let your partner hear all that you do with your body in response to his requests. Feel free to moan, moan now loudly, then quietly.


That's all, having sex on the phone is not difficult, as you can see, but quite unusual, try with your partner to diversify sex and have sex on the phone at a convenient time.