How to grow watermelon

Soak the watermelon seeds in hot water - about 50-60 degrees. When the water has cooled, remove the seeds and hold for half an hour in a dark pink solution of potassium permanganate. Then plant on seedlings in the ground prepared in advance. The age of seedlings planted in the ground should be about 1 month, so calculate the time of sowing, depending on the climatic conditions of your strip.
While the seedlings are growing, prepare the holes for planting in the garden. Put a little sand, ash, humus or compost into each. Top cover with film or glass to warm. Watermelon sprouts grown to the desired condition should be planted in a warm earth and do not penetrate too much, otherwise they will rot.
When the planting is complete, ground the seedlings around the seedling and cover with covering material. Then it will be necessary to water in 10-15 days. After the appearance of flowers, pollinate plants by hand: in the middle of the day, pick off male flowers and take them to the female. Pinch all the side shoots, because watermelon bears fruit only on the central one. Let's grow two shoots, then pinch stepchildren, like tomatoes.If you leave 1-2 flowers on the main stem, large fruits will grow, if 4-5 - watermelons will be smaller.
When watermelons grow to the size of apples, pinch off the top, counting 6 sheets from the last ovary. Carefully weed out the weeds. Feed the plants with fertilizers, it is better to buy the “Healthy Garden”, HB Granules. Before cleaning the watermelons, about 2 weeks before, stop watering. Then the fruits will become more sugary.