How to grow roses in the greenhouse

You will need
  • - seedlings;
  • - greenhouse;
  • - polycarbonate (for self-manufacturing greenhouses);
  • - pruner.
Growrosesatgreenhousefrom March to the last days of November. It is also possible to carry out this process during the winter months, however, it turns out to be too energy-consuming, since the lack of solar radiation and the short duration of a sunny day require additional expenses, which makes growing roses quite unprofitable and expensive.
Use a polycarbonate greenhouse - this is a new material that has all the qualities that allow you to create an optimal microclimate for roses. It is more durable compared to traditional materials - film and glass, it lets in sunlight and is not subject to burning. In addition, polycarbonate is able to maintain its properties in a fairly wide range of temperatures - from -40 to +120 degrees. In order to build a polycarbonate greenhouse,you do not need to build an additional foundation.
Planted bushes and fumigants already in January, if in yourgreenhouseadjusted heating. In the first year, the seedlings should be located tightly, so that up to 25-30 plants per one square meter. The next year thin out their number, halving it. Pay attention to the lighting: it is fairly well known that it is needed in large quantities in roses, but it is important that the leaves be consulted, and not the soil in which they grow. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of its reliable protection. Do not break the leaves unnecessarily, time treated with protective agents.
Ensure that the correct microclimate is observed.greenhouse. It is necessary that before the first cutting day temperature was within 22 degrees of heat, night - 20. Then these figures can be reduced by 2-3 degrees. In the midst of spring and summer months, it is acceptable to raise temperature values, but not more than up to 25-27 degrees during the day. In this case, let the plants take a break from the heat and set the temperature for the night to about 15 degrees.