How to grow gardenia

You will need
  • - Gardenia cuttings;
  • - stimulator of rooting;
  • - soil mixture;
  • - capacity for rooting, pots for young plants.
Cut the cuttings from December to March or from August to September. Prepare a container for rooting. Fill it with vermiculite or a mixture of peat and sand (1: 1). Maintain substrate temperature between 22-24 ° C. Before planting, dip into a solution or powder that stimulates root formation (root, heteroauxin) before planting. Rooting should occur within a month.
Young plants transplant in pots with soil mixture (sod and humus soil, peat, sand, taken in equal volumes). Pinch the tops of the cuttings. It stimulates branching and accelerates the blooming of gardenia.
Install the pots on a well-lit window sill. Create the optimum temperature. In winter, the temperature should be between 14-18 ° C. In the summer of plants can be taken out to fresh air.However, do not place gardenia in direct sunlight. This can cause burns on leaves and buds.
Water young gardenias regularly, but moderately. Check whether the roots of the flower dies. Spray the plants from the sprayer with water at room temperature, better filtered and softened. Make sure that the water does not fall on the flowers and buds. In the spring and summer period, regularly feed the plants.
Gardenia blooming begins after 1.5 years from the time rooting cuttings. If the flower suddenly began to fall off the buds, this is a symptom of the fact that gardenias do not have enough solar lighting or the humidity in the room is very low.
Once flowering is over, prune your shoots and transplant the plant to a new pot. This stimulates the formation of new shoots, at the top of which the buds will reappear next year.
Timely destroy pests on plants (aphids, thrips, scale insects). It is often sufficient to spray an insecticide alone (decis, Intavir, Actellis).