How to grind coffee?

Lyudmila Kolyagina
Lyudmila Kolyagina
February 26, 2013
How to grind coffee?

There are enough options to do this, but which is the most convenient and efficient? Of course, no need to grind at once the whole pack of coffee! Otherwise, he may lose all his excellent and alluring scent! But how to grind coffee? You can use the usual coffee grinder, you can hand, you can grind in a professional machine for grinding.

Home coffee grinders

Such coffee grinders can, when grinding, heat the coffee so that it will have a burning effect. Therefore, when choosing this device, always pay attention to the knives, they should be poured out of high-quality metal and sharp enough. The fact is that when grinding, the loss of expensive aroma is possible, so it should scroll, not for very long, so that it does not have time to heat up. Therefore, after some work, stop the grinder and wait for the coffee to cool. This is certainly hard work, but justified. So just so you will not allow the aromatic substances to evaporate from the coffee.


If you have, perhaps, grind the coffee with a professional coffee grinder, then you gain a few positive points.Usually in such coffee grinders they use conical millstones, and they, in turn, are not allowed precious grains to overheat! Plus, they have a much bigger drum for loading than in ordinary coffee grinders. But if you don’t need to grind a large amount of coffee, you don’t need such a machine and this is a big minus in these household machines. Plus, such a machine is much more expensive, although much more durable.

What are the grind

  • Grinding "coarse", of course everything is not as severe as it sounds. This grinding is necessary and convenient for making coffee in steam coffee machines. In just six minutes, coffee will be able to infuse and be ready to drink. If you grind coffee at home with an electric coffee grinder, the “coarse” grinding is usually carried out with ten seconds of work.
  • grinding "medium". Thirteen seconds and this grinding is ready! Coffee with such a grinding need to insist no more than five or six minutes.
  • grinding "fine". This grinding is needed for filtered coffee makers and espresso coffee makers. It is necessary to insist from one minute to three.
  • powder grinding. This grinding is needed for making coffee in Cezve (Turk).

We hope we have written to you how to grind coffee.And your coffee will be fragrant and tasty.