How do chess pieces go?

Chess is a game that many people love. And someone just got interested in her and wants to know something about her. For example, what is a chessboard and how many pieces in chess. In total, there are 32 figures: 16 white and 16 black. Each player has 8 pawns, 2 knights, 2 bishops, 2 rooks, 1 queen and 1 king. In this article we will talk with you about how chess pieces go.


The most important figure in the white army and in black is the king. Despite this, his mobility to other figures is inferior. He has the right to walk in any direction, but only on the adjacent field. This field must not be under the blow of the opponent's figure. Likewise, he has the right, and cut down the opponent's pieces. This means that the rules are prohibited to become king under the blow of opponent's pieces. It turns out that the king, who is on the field c2, can make moves to the fields b1, b2, b3, c1, c3, e1, e2, e3. If the opponent's piece turns out to be on one of these fields, and at the same time, it will not be protected by another piece, then the king can cut this piece down and take its place.This does not apply to kings. Kings can not approach each other. They cannot enter the fields adjacent to them, as they attack them. The mobility of any king is determined by the number of fields to which he can go.


This figure walks only straight. It does this only on the vertical on which it is located, if there are no obstacles, that is, figures on the way. The pawn moves only forward. If the pawn is in its original place, for white it is the 2nd horizontal, for black - the 7th, then it can walk forward to 2 fields at once. Then only one thing. The same figure cuts the pawn diagonally. So, for example, the black pawn, which is on the d5 square, can cut down the black pieces that are on the e6 and c6 squares.

There is another feature of the game of chess. The moves of the pieces, called pawns, which go around the opponent's field, beat his piece. And the pawn has a unique property. When she reaches the 8th or 1st horizontal on the opponent's field, she turns into any piece except the king. That is, she can become an elephant, a rook, a queen or a horse.

Rook, elephant and horse

  • Rook goes both vertically and horizontally. She can do it on any number of fields, if there are no obstacles in the form of figures of others or her own. A rook can be hacked by all alien pieces, with the exception of the king.The thing is that not a single piece can cut the king.
  • If the opponent's figure appears on the field, the rook cuts it, taking its place.
  • Elephants move in diagonals. An elephant that is on a white field can only walk on a white field. An elephant on a black field walks only along a black field. He cuts figures also.
  • Horse walks the letter "G". For example, a horse that stands on the c2 field can go to the d4 or b4 field.


The most mobile figure on the board is the queen. He is also the strongest figure. He walks in different ways. Maybe, like a rook, horizontally and vertically. And maybe, like elephants, in black and white diagonals. He also cuts the pieces of the opponent.

Chess board and moves

At the beginning of the article, we learned the name of chess pieces. Now learn some more concepts. Chess game is held on the board. It consists of 64 squares (fields), black and white alternately. Fields are built in lines, they are contour lines, verticals and diagonals. Horizontal lines are numbered from 1 to 8. Vertical lines are numbered in Latin letters from A to H. Each field has its own coordinates.

That rival begins to walk, his pieces are white.After that, the moves are made alternately. It is usually determined by drawing lots which pieces in chess which of the rivals will get. So they do in amateur parties, and in sports competitions this is governed by the rules of conduct.

A move is a movement of a piece from one field to another, which is either occupied by the opponent’s piece, or is free. There is a move called castling. When it changes the position of the rook and the king. If the move is made on the field, which is occupied by the opponent's figure, then this means that it is taken and it must immediately be removed from the board. We got some ideas about the game of chess and learned how chess pieces go. We wish you only victories!