How to give birth in Sims (Sims) 3?

Irina Kosheleva
Irina Kosheleva
February 19, 2013
How to give birth in Sims (Sims) 3?

With each new release, the popular simulation game Sims offers its players new features. You can get pets, develop different skills in Sims, get them to work ... And you can also have children in Sims 3! How to give birth to a boy or a girl, how to have a child in general is the topic of this article.

Start over

If you do not know how to give birth in Sims 3, then it is quite simple:

  • Everything is like in life - you need two sims: a female and a male. You can start a family and pump relationships with them inside, or you can start one sim, make friends with some other sim, pump romantic relationships with him and eventually he will go to your family.
  • When two sims are in love with each other, one day the question arises: to have a baby? You click "Yes" and that's it. Congratulations, you will soon become parents!

Influence on the floor of the child

This feature appeared only in the game Sims 3. How to give birth to a girl? Eat watermelons! If you want a boy, you need to eat apples.Whether this helps in real life is unknown, but in Sims 3 it works one hundred percent.

Twins and Triplets

If you want to have several children at once - twins or triplets, then you will have to work a little. You will need to get a reward "fertility", and only after that you will have several babies at once. This is the way in sims 3 how to give birth to twins, but how to get triplets?

Here you can not do without the help of an outside character. In addition to the game "Sims 3. Show Business" is the Djinn. Calling him, you need to choose the desire "I want a large family!". After that, your sim card will have a temporary “Fertility” mudlet - and that's it, wait for the triple replenishment!

Child sex determination

Another useful addition to Sims 3. Who is involved in sex determination? Of course, genetic engineering! Therefore, you need to find a Sima-genetic engineer, make friends with him, and during one of the dialogs, ask what the gender of your child will be.

If there is not a single genetic engineer in your sim city - do not despair! You can create a separate special sim, send him to medicine and make a genetic engineer! He will bring benefit to the whole city afterwards! Here are the basic ways of how to affect the sex of the child during pregnancy, how to raise twins and even triplets.Enjoy all the pleasures of the game, but do not forget that real life is on this side of the screen.