How to get to Shcherbinki?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
December 22, 2014
How to get to Shcherbinki?

Shcherbinka is an urban district of Moscow. Let's talk about how to get to Shcherbinka. By the way, just 10 km from the settlement is the city of Podolsk.

Shcherbinka: routes

You can get to Shcherbinka on both private and public transport. Below are presented routes for one and the other means of transportation.

By car

The distance from the center of Moscow to the center of Shcherbinka is just over 30 km. Depending on the traffic situation, you will reach the village in 2 hours. Here is the most profitable route:

  1. Get out on st. Lyusinovskaya near the metro station Dobryninskaya and move in the direction of the 3rd transport ring of Moscow;
  2. Cross the 3rd ring road and you will find yourself on the road number M4. Continue straight ahead. After a while you will go to Warsaw highway, on which you need to go further;
  3. Please note that the road on which you keep your way, changed the number. Now you are driving along the Warsaw highway (M2). Continue straight and cross the MKAD;
  4. Immediately after moving through the Moscow Ring Road there will be a turn to Warsaw highway (it goes away from the main road). Go there. After some time, the separation zone on the highway will end. This will mean that you went to Simferopol highway. Follow it further until turning onto Shcherbinka (follow the signs).

By public transport

You can get to Shcherbinka by train. Trains run from the Kursk railway station daily. The earliest of them departs from the platform at 05:25, and the latest one - at 01:15. You need to take the routes to Podolsk, Serpukhov or Shcherbinka. All these trains will reach the station you need, which bears the same name with the settlement. Listen carefully to the messages transmitted through the loudspeaker. The cost of a one-way ticket is 70 rubles.

In addition to the railway communication with Shcherbinka there is a bus. The most convenient way is to take any bus to Scherbinka (indicated on the board) at the Yuzhnaya metro station.