How to get to Schelkovo?

Marina Nazarenko
Marina Nazarenko
March 27, 2013
How to get to Schelkovo?

You love to travel, and this time gathered in the city of Shchelkovo. How to get to him have no idea? You can get to Shchelkovo by your own transport and public transport.

How to get to Shchelkovo by car

  • Need to get to Schelkovskogo highway. You can find it on any car map, there it is the latest A103.
  • Next we drive into the part going to the area.
  • Drive about 20 km, then turn off at the intersection after the "New Town", go towards Schelkovo for a few more minutes.

Remember that you can not exceed the speed, overtake cars not by the rules, go to the oncoming lane. Follow the rules of the road to keep yourself alive and healthy!

How to get to Shchelkovo by public transport

You can get there by car - to Shchelkovo go both route taxis and large buses. The journey is a little longer than on your car, but you will have the opportunity to meet interesting people and ask more about the city or how,to find what.

  • On any transport you get to the metro station "Schelkovskaya".
  • You need to go in the direction of the first car from the center.
  • Exit the glass doors of the metro.
  • Turn left, go outside.
  • Turn right on the street - you should see the bus station.
  • Ask for buses that go in the direction of Shchelkovo-Fryazino-Fryanov-Shchelkovo 7 (for example, 349, 361, 485).

The cheapest way to get on the train. Fast, convenient and comfortable. Do not forget to bring a book or a player with you to keep yourself on the road.

  • On the railway transport get to the metro station "Komsomolskaya".
  • Leave in the direction of the Yaroslavl station. To do this, turn right when exiting the subway.
  • So you go to Yaroslavsky railway station, where you will see a board providing information about departing trains.
  • In the schedule, find the trains that have end points of arrival - Monino, Fryazevo, or those in which the word Schelkovo is present.
  • When you get to Shchelkovo, get off at the Voronok station, due to the fact that buses run from there to the whole city.

Now you know how to get to Schelkovo. Follow our instructions and you will not get lost.