How to get to Khimki?

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How to get to Khimki?

Moscow is a big enough city and there are many districts in it. In many areas of the city can be reached by subway, but there are areas where there is no subway and then you need to know how to get there yourself.

Let's take a look at how to get to Khimki.

How to get from Moscow to Khimki

The Khimki station can be considered the central part of the Khimki district of Moscow, from where you can easily reach any part of the district using minibuses and bus. And to get to this station, there are some simple ways:

  1. On the train.
  2. On shuttle buses.
  3. With the help of free and paid minibuses.

Consider each method in more detail.

How to get there by train

If you live in Moscow, you can get by train to Khimki station via the Leningrad direction of trains. To do this, you can get to two metro stations - Komsomolskaya and Petrovsko-Razumovskaya. There you can take the train in this direction. And any suitable train, because they all stop in Khimki.You can also take the train if you live near any station in the direction of the train.

If you live outside of Moscow, but in the Leningrad direction, then you can also take a train.

How to get by bus

The main bus routes to Khimki start from the nearest metro stations - River Station and Glider. There you can find a lot of buses to go to the part of the region where you need to.

How to get by minibuses

There are paid minibuses, which also depart from the metro station River Station, Glider, as well as from Mega Khimki, and free, which mostly go to Mega Khimki from the same metro. Here you need to decide on a destination and choose a minibus.

There are also paid minibuses from the cities of Zelenograd, Shodnya, Mitino and Solnechnogorsk that are closest to Moscow. On them you can easily get to Khimki along the Leningradsky or Pyatnitsky highways.