How to get the most out of coffee scrub

Caffeine is even found in sleeping coffee, in the so-called coffee grounds. It has tonic lifting properties. Hence the famous anti-cellulite effect of coffee, which can be enhanced by adding 1-4 drops of citrus essential oils, previously diluted in some base oil, such as coconut or almond.

Antioxidants contained in coffee, have a rejuvenating effect, so this scrub is very indicated for aged mature skin. You can also use it as a wrinkle prevention.

Carotenoids transform dull or grayish complexion, give a healthy look to the skin.

How to achieve this? It's simple. It is necessary to use sleeping coffee (it is softer and more comfortable tactile than just ground coffee) without additives and flavors. It is advisable not to add sugar, milk and so on. It should be used shortly after drinking a cup. It is not recommended to leave it for several days, as it may start to deteriorate due to water.The main recipe is to add a mixture of essential and base oils to the coffee grounds. The oils are chosen depending on the skin type, the problems that the scrub must solve, and individual preferences.

This scrub is not recommended for people with rosacea, sensitive and thin skin, as well as people with a strong allergic reaction.